Oyamanezunomikoto Shinji Kyoukai
School of Happiness and Prosperity


● A Place of Learning:School of Happiness and Prosperity

Oyamanezunomikoto Shinji Kyoukai(大山命神示教会) is a place of worship where members can learn the principles and teachings to gaining happiness and prosperity. This Kyoukai (church) was established to help us achieve happiness and prosperity as taught by Oyamanezunomikoto, Kami (Supreme Being.)
Achieving happiness and prosperity is based on a life-long learning process about how we should lead our daily lives as well as the many diverse truths that affect each of us and society at large.

● Shinji:The Teachings Revealed by Kami

Kami, who foresees the future, provides the shinji that are the teachings which provide guidance on how we should live our lives. The shinji are revealed through a Shisha (Chosen Messenger). Each shinji guides us toward a life of happiness and prosperity.

● Kami’s Teachings from Many Sources

Shinji Kyoukai provides the teachings of Kami through various media such as lectures and printed materials. Lectures are scheduled daily at Shinsohonbu (the main church) in Yokohama and at the Hikari-no-Yakata (local churches) located nationwide that allow members to attend a variety of lectures at their convenience. In addition, lecture-based meetings are also held regularly for members living overseas or in the remote areas of Japan. Internet webcasts of lectures are also available. A monthly newsletter, Yuwa, and educational materials are also published by the church.