The History of Oyamanezunomikoto Shinji Kyoukai

● The Birth of a Child with the Unmei of Kami

Tomomaruhime Sensei, the incarnation of Oyamanezunomikoto, was born on November 15, 1946. No one knew that she was born with the sacred unmei of Kami. She grew up in a loving family, but as she grew older, her health slowly began to decline and she was frequently hospitalized. Based on this experience of physical and emotional pain and suffering, her innate compassion and kindness grew and she became enlightened about the precious meaning of life.

● The Path to Salvation

Shortly after Tomomaruhime Sensei’s birth, to bestow true happiness and prosperity to humanity, Oyamanezunomikoto established what we know today as Shinji Kyoukai through a Shisha (Chosen Messsenger). This Shisha was Tomomarusai Sensei. Tomomarusai Sensei lived the first half of his life learning the ways of the world; and on September 23, 1948, he was designated by Kami as the Shisha of Oyamanezunomikoto and established Oyamanezunomikoto Shinji Kyoukai five years later. He was the first to spread the knowledge of Kami’s existence and teachings and built the foundations of the church.
● The Prophecies from Kami

At the age of 20, Tomomaruhime Sensei fell ill with an incurable sickness. It was during this time that she learned about the existence of Oyamanezunomikoto and was cured of her illness through the power of Kami. She paid her first visit to Tomomarusai Sensei on February 4, 1967 to express her gratitude. At their first meeting, Tomomarusai Sensei foretold her true unmei and prophesized that her life would follow the path of Kami.

● Tomomaruhime Sensei, the Direct Messenger

Through the power of Kami, Tomomaruhime Sensei saved many who were in pain and suffering. The shinji of Oyamanezunomikoto that revealed the path to true happiness and prosperity were given to her. She was designated Fukushisha, (assistant to the Shisha) on July 1, 1975, Shisha on September 23, 1985, and Chokushi (Direct Messenger) on September 23, 1986. Her powers to save humanity grew with each new title given to her by Kami.

● Establishing the True Path to Salvation

The significance of Tomomaruhime Sensei’s true mission and destiny in life was revealed on November 15, 1987. This day is known as Seibi (the day of veneration). This is the day that she was unveiled as the incarnation of Oyamanezunomikoto; and with this truth, Kibou no Michi (the path of hope) was given to us. Kibou no Michi opened up a means of directly communicating our hopes and troubles to Oyamanezunomikoto, and helps us to experience peace and a calm state of mind if our kigan is sincere. When this happens, we are naturally guided to make the right decisions.

● Completing His Mission as Shisha

After Tomomaruhime Sensei’s sacred mission as Shisha was revealed and seeing that the foundations of Shinji Kyoukai were well established, Tomomarusai Sensei passed away on October 29, 1988 to become Daishin after fulfilling his sacred mission as Shisha. As Daishin, the guardian of Shinji Kyoukai, he protects each of us.

● Eternal Guardian of Humanity

After Kibou no Michi was revealed, Tomomaruhime Sensei tirelessly dedicated her days and nights to the salvation of each individual, working only for our true happiness and prosperity. As a result, Shinjitsu no Michi (the path of truth) was revealed and given to us. Shinjitsu no Michi allows each of us to live a fulfilling life without regrets, to pass on to the next world with our souls at peace, and promises that each of us will be repeatedly reborn into this world with a guarantee that our next life will be one of happiness and fulfillment. Having successfully opened the true path to salvation, Tomomaruhime Sensei completed her sacred mission and returned to Oyamanezunomikoto on September 18, 2002 to become Shinkon, the eternal guardian of humanity.

● Fulfilling our Potential by Applying the Teachings of Kami

Today, Tomomarukou Sensei, who is the Shisha, guides us to our happiness and salvation through numerous shinji that are revealed to him through the power of Shinkon. His explanations of the principles are easy to understand and can be readily applied in our daily lives. This helps us to retain a broad-minded and flexible perspective about the people and situations in our daily lives. When we apply Kami’s teachings in our day-to-day life, we experience serenity and a peace of mind; and we are able to achieve our full potential. This is known as kaiun.