Summary of the Shinji for January

The Shinji for January 2017

Let me teach you the worth of why family members should learn and practice Kami’s teachings.
The responsibility (existence) of each human being is to live within a finite period of time with their kokoro (unmei-jittai) and to give back to the world, thereby leaving behind good traits in your family’s kokoro no michi.
As this kokoro is principle, regardless of the times, it is immutable.
To the Shinja:
When there is deep understanding of this principle, all will seek teachings that elevate their jittai.
But, there is very little principle in the knowledge and experience of humanity.
Herein is the source (history) of humanity’s unhappiness and suffering.
As family members learn Kami’s teachings, the kokoro of that family will gradually find peace; true caring and love will blossom, and an environment of learning will grow.
Where there is principle (the family environment), a person’s kokoro becomes elevated and the unmei given by Kami to each family member will be honed, their strengths will come together to support one another and they will live a life without regrets.


Life is finite. When our present life comes to an end, for better or for worse, the way we lived in this life will have a bearing on our next life. That’s why our life now is an invaluable time that is linked to the future. But the reality is that many people, who do not know this truth, live out their days ruled by their emotions with little thought for the kind of life they are living.

Within our finite lifespan, we need to give back to society and to live doing good for many people. If we use the strengths Kami gave us to be useful in this world, and to contribute and give back to society, we leave behind something worthwhile in whatever it is we do or accomplish. It is our responsibility as human beings to live our lives in this way.

The world today is overflowing with knowledge and information. But humanity has learned very little from this abundance of knowledge and information. There are no principles in what many people believe in today. Yet, within this environment, many are beginning to realize that there are limits to everything.

Learn the teachings to elevate your mind and emotions and live your life in a way that merges with your unmei. By learning and sharing the teachings with family members and those close to you, your relationship with them will improve. The way you feel and see people and situations will improve; and each person’s strengths will surface. Everyone’s unmei will come together in mutual support and you will live a life without regrets.

Note: When Kami talks about family members, some of you may be thinking, “what happens if…I don’t have a family because I’m not married and I don’t have any children,” or “I’m the only person in my family who is a shinja, and nobody else is,” or “I live alone separate from my parents or siblings,” or “I live in a different country or state from the rest of my family.” No matter what your personal circumstances are, when Kami talks about family, it includes not only your immediate family, but people who are close to you in your life such as close friends that make up an “extended family” of sorts. Learn the teachings, share, and apply them with your non-shinja “extended family” or immediate family members in your daily life. When you do so, it becomes easier to have conversations where you share your thoughts and emotions with those close to you without fear of being rejected or criticized. The aim is to cultivate tolerance and mutual understanding. When your beliefs, thoughts, or ideas are based on the principles and teachings, it becomes that much easier to “listen and to talk things out.” In turn, this brings out mutual respect and closer ties of caring and friendship.