Summary of the Shinji for February

The Shinji for February 2017

To achieve a life of kaiun, people must have many encounters.
The key to deepening repeated encounters is conversation that supports and brings together the unmei.
But because people do not know how conversations should be, they pass their days dependent on knowledge.
This is why encounters do not deepen, and many people remain troubled, unable to understand the feelings of others.

To the Shinja
Are you learning the teachings and do you self-reflect on your kokoro?
Are you able to see society through the teachings?
Kami’s teachings are wisdom about deepening encounters with others and to live in mutual support.
If the teachings are learned and practiced as a family, conversation will deepen naturally and a kokoro that is caring of others will begin to grow.
The love that is experienced in the family and is a part of you, becomes the true core essence of your kokoro.

Human beings, who experience and accept love that is “true” in families where conversations are genuine, mature into human beings that guide society on the “right path.”


It is important to treasure your encounters with many people in order to live a life without regrets. Human beings live in a society of mutual support; and all of us have strengths that Kami has given us to be useful in society. Thus, it is important to use our strengths generously whenever we can.
Conversation is the key to deepening our relationships with others. Talk to family members and actively strike up conversations with friends and co-workers. It is difficult for the strengths of people to come together unless there is conversation. Kami has repeatedly stressed the importance of strengthening our ties to one another by talking and sharing our thoughts and ideas. Solutions to problems and situations are reached when we talk to one another. This is because our unmei, which is our inherent potential and the strengths given to us by Kami, come together to produce the best outcome when we try to reach understanding and compromise through discussion and conversation.
Kami’s teachings deepen our encounters with others and it is wisdom about how to live in mutual support. After you have learned the teachings, it is important to look inward and self-reflect on your kokoro, and to see the realities of society. You will begin to perceive what you must do in your life.
If the teachings are learned as a family and practiced by family members, conversations will naturally deepen, care and consideration for others will grow, and the end result is a family that lives in harmony. Don’t give up thinking that this is impossible to achieve in your family. Do not blame others. First, look to yourself and practice the teachings. An environment filled with conversation will spread and the foundations of happiness are strengthened.