Summary of the Shinji for March

The Shinji for March 2017

Let me teach you why the Shinji (principles) are taught through Shisha.
Where there is harmony in the world, there is truth.
Yet, because humanity does not perceive the principles, humanity suffers, is led astray and lowers their environment.
Unable to bring out the strengths of their unmei, human beings, who depend on knowledge without principle, are strongly influenced by the tide of the times, thereby creating even greater troubles and suffering.

To the Shinja

Be sincere in learning the teachings and strive to make use of them in your life.
The living environment of the person, who lives by the teachings, will shine brightly, and many will flock to them.
When the strengths of the unmei come together, the environment is elevated.
There is no confusion or doubt in the kokoro of the person who lives by the teachings.
Believe in the strengths of your unmei; the environment will harmonize and society will stabilize the more human beings, who live with the spirit of volunteerism, come together.


Do you understand the importance of learning the Shinji? Many people believe that politics and the economy move society. But, in truth, society revolves around the unmei-jittai of each person. The positive aspects of people, physical entities, and the times form the power that moves society. When there is mutual respect and the strengths of each person come together, there is harmony, balance and the creation of a comfortable living environment. When this is not achieved, there is suffering and the onset of trials and tribulations.
When you learn Kami’s teachings and apply them in your daily life, you become cheerful, positive, and strong. Because you have learned the teachings, you will know why you feel unbalanced when something occurs and you will know what to focus on in your kigan. Doubt and insecurity do not exist in the kokoro of those who learn and apply the teachings in their daily lives. Since you have a positive effect on the people you meet, they will naturally gravitate to you. The more the strengths of the unmei of many people come together, the higher the surrounding environment is elevated.
The key to achieving this balance is your family. This year’s goal is to learn and apply the teachings as a family. Even if members of your family are not shinja, learn the teachings together. Remember that conversations between family members are especially important because they deepen relationships and build tolerance and trust; and strive as a family to live a life without regrets.
If you use your strengths to give back to society, to make others happy, what you achieve comes back to give your life meaning and purpose. It is Kami’s hope that such people will come together to build harmonious families, workplaces, and societies.