Summary of the Shinji for April

The Shinji for April 2017

The teachings that Kami gives to the world are principles.
Everyone must live by the teachings if they wish to live a life without regrets.
The source of knowledge and learning that people in this world depend on was organized based on principles that were observed and learned through the natural world.

To the Shinja
Learn the teachings as a family and have the kokoro to apply them together.
The kokoro of family members will gradually come together and deepen; and conversation will increase.
In the family where the connection between individual kokoro deepen, the kokoro (unmei) is honed and it is elevated.
All who live by the teachings, will live their life guided by their unmei.
The venerated are born and fostered in families where there are teachings and principles.
Human beings, who live by the principles, leave behind good deeds in the world and the kokoro no michi of their family is made strong.


Kami’s teachings are principles. They are the foundations on which the world is created and they are immutable. There are many people in the world who believe that if the political situation improves, the national economy improves, which in turn, leads to employment and their lives becoming economically comfortable. However, in truth, the substance or essence of all things and how each person thinks and feels about them come together, and become linked to the various movements that occur daily. In other words, your kokoro affects the environment around you.
If so, then learn Kami’s teachings and live a life based on common sense. When the weather is cold, wear warm clothing, when it’s hot, dress lightly. In this way,  be accepting of the flow of the times, while making adjustments that help us to live our lives in harmony. There is no strain or waste when we do this. This is the key to living a life without regrets.
Today, we live a life that is dependent on knowledge, but there are still many things that we do not know, and there is much baseless knowledge that is believed to be truths. Against this background, when Kami’s teachings and principles are learned and practiced, we begin to see good outcomes and our awareness of what is true deepens.
When your family learns the teachings and applies them in their day-to-day life, the kokoro of family members come together, and the frequency of warm and caring conversations grow. Every person’s character is honed when they live within a family where there is mutual understanding that allows thoughts to be shared. Within this kind of environment, we gradually become people who empathize with others; and the way we live become wonderful role models that we leave behind.