Summary of the Shinji for May

The Shinji for May 2017

From time immemorial, Kami has existed in Japan where there is a foundation that allows the kokoro of Kami to take root.
The kokoro of Kami blooms within a family where the soul finds peace and manifests as the strengths of the unmei.
Japan, a divine land, is a country where the unmei is honed, and guides the world on the “right path.”

To the Shinja
Japan cannot be found within the flow of the world’s humanity, nations, cultures, and civilizations.
It has learned “the way” from the changes wrought by nature, which has been passed on in the unique kokoro that is Japan.
The “way of Kami” that permeates daily life has led to today’s culture of Japan.
The more the Shinji (principles) are learned, the more the human kokoro is enveloped in the unmei of this country; and it becomes possible to live a life that merges with an unmei that is close to Kami.
Henceforth the world will try to bring balance to society by supporting and merging the strengths of countries.
Japan has the strength to guide this global movement toward a harmonious society.
Deepen your understanding of the teachings and strive to be a person who guides society to the principles of “the way” because this is a time when the unmei in this world come together.


From time immemorial, Japan has been a country where Kami has existed. There is a base here that allows the kokoro of Kami to take root. The Japanese people have always felt the existence of the mystical from the land and they have learned much from the natural changes that occurred around them. Within this historical flow, “the way of Kami” that permeated daily life has led to modern Japanese society. Japan’s own inner spiritualism that recognizes blessings that are beyond human understanding or the spirit to treasure all natural life remains alive in the kokoro of the Japanese people today.
Therefore, the more Kami’s teachings are learned, the more the kokoro becomes calm, which in turn, leads to an enriched sensitivity to the people and the environment around us. When Kami’s teachings become a part of our sense of values, the kokoro becomes generous and is able to adapt to the environment. Everyday life becomes enjoyable and you will live a life that merges with your unmei. The key to achieving this is to create a warm and loving family where the kokoro and soul find peace and security. Thus, it is important for each family member to learn the teachings and create a family environment that is close to the kokoro of Kami.
We will enter an era when the strengths of each nation come together to support the global community and to live in harmony. To live in this era, we must first live a harmonious way of life. Have gratitude for all things, and if you use your strengths generously for others, your life will gain a sense of purpose and meaning and you will be a positive influence on other people.
Strive to be a person whose life reflects the teachings and become the person that leads society on the “right path.”