Summary of the Shinji for June

The Shinji for June 2017

Have you realized the world has greatly changed these days.
Kami has made known the teachings to the world so that it may become one, and is sending out people, who have merged with their unmei, into society.
The source of this environment is Shinji Kyōkai.
The more the principles are learned at Shinji Kyōkai and the more society is understood, you will begin to see what you must do now as a human being.
People, who gain a deep understanding of the teachings, will act with a kokoro of wisdom.
See how society falls short of “the right path.”
You will begin to see how the strengths of the unmei in this world should come together in mutual support to become truly one.
The social changes created by the flow of the times will continue considerably for some time to come.
The world will become balanced the more human beings live by the principles.
You will begin to see true peace where the strengths of the unmei come together to become one.


Do you realize that the world is presently undergoing major changes? The way things have been done that were fine until now, will no longer work. Whether it is in politics, the economy, education and in other areas, the way of doing things is beginning to shift toward the “right way” of doing things. Many people are beginning to see that it is important to live with a generous kokoro and not a kokoro driven by self-interest.

Kami created Shinji Kyōkai as an eternal source of salvation for humanity and gave the world the principles. Since the entire world is under Kami’s guidance, the movements of the mysterious and society at large are being guided as written in Kami’s Shinji. These phenomena occur because the source of the environment that guides society is Shinji Kyōkai.

As you learn Kami’s principles, you will begin to clearly see the trends and movements of society and you will know if there is something you should get involved in, something you should not avoid, or if it is something that does not concern you. There are many discontented people, who seek to attribute all causes to others, but if you learn the teachings, you will be accepting of reality and adjust accordingly.

The changes created by the flow of the times will continue. Apply daily the teachings that you have learned to keep yourself from being overwhelmed by this wave of changes. Each of us has been given an unmei from Kami to be useful in this world. The more you live according to the principles, your family, your workplace, and society in general will be stable and balanced; and the world will continue to change for the better. Each unmei will come together and true peace will be achieved.