Summary of the Shinji for July

The Shinji for July 2017

All are born with a soul given to them by Kami.
Life that is led by the unmei begins from this time.
You must know this principle, hone the unmei, rely on the unmei’s strengths and understand what it means “to live.”
However, there are as yet few families that learn the teachings within a home environment that allow them to be practiced.
Many people rely on knowledge, their kokoro is troubled, their dreams are unfulfilled, and confusion deepens within their lives.

To the Shinja
Unmei is the strength that brings about change and moves society.
Be aware of the truth of this principle.
The more families learn the teachings, the unmei of each family member will be honed and their strengths will be brought out.
A family environment that lives by the teachings is required to hone the unmei and to live a life led by the unmei.
If you live with a kokoro supported by the teachings, encounters with others will grow, and your life will be fulfilling.
But, today’s society does not know the existence of Kami and depends on knowledge without principle.
This is why suffering deepens and people are lost in anxiety.


All of us come into this world with a physical body that houses a soul—and we don’t have a choice in the matter. This soul, when placed in our bodies, becomes our unmei that leads us through life. This unmei is the strength(s) that allows us to be useful in society. Unless we draw out these strengths and make use of them, there is very little motivation for us to be here. We need to hone our individual unmei, believe in their strengths, and depend on them as we live out our life.
This year’s theme is to learn the teachings as a family and apply them as a family. However, Kami has pointed out that there are too few families with this kind of home environment. Living in a society inundated with an overabundance of information and knowledge has perhaps led many people to be carried away by the voices and opinions of those around them rather than Kami’s teachings.
When Kami’s teachings are seen as wisdom about how to live and elevate our lives, our jittai is modified and the positive strengths and traits that we have inherited are allowed to surface. This is why the teachings should be learned as a family to create a peaceful and relaxing home environment where each family member is allowed to hone their unmei. This kind of family also gradually begins to have a positive effect on those around them such as the local community environment and the workplace, which gradually begins to improve.
As we live our lives supported by the teachings, our relationships with others grow harmonious and everyday life becomes enjoyable. To be able to become this kind of person and to live this kind of life, learn the teachings with an honest and open mind and strive to practice them. You will be protected by Kami and you will live a fulfilled life that merges with your unmei.