Summary of the Shinji for August

The Shinji for August 2017

Let me tell you what the world is about.
The world cannot be understood by the number of countries and the diversity of their people.
Many countries are born and at times vanish within the changes of an era.
The languages and customs (culture) of ethnic groups are also undergoing great changes.
The truth that humanity should understand is how to harmonize and live within the global environment.
When all of humanity bring their kokoro no michi together and ask Kami (for a way) to live in peace, you will gradually perceive a kokoro of harmony and the way the world should be.
No matter how many international laws are established, how the world economy improves, and how much stability is sought, there are limitations to humanity’s knowledge.
When people throughout the globe begin to realize this truth, humanity will begin to seek the true Kami.
This is when the world will become aware of the principles, deepen its understanding, and return to harmony and balance.
There is no true salvation in religions that were created and fostered by the times and the cultural environment.
Be the human being that seeks principle within the truth of harmonizing with the global environment while bringing together the strengths of the world.


There are many countries that exist on this planet. However, even if we count the number of countries in each continent, we will never truly understand the truths of this world. The reality is that small countries are created and vanish in each region even to this day. Within the long history of humanity, there has been a diversity of ethnicities and races who have mingled, flourished, and declined.
What humanity must now understand is how to live in harmony with the global environment. The global environment is not anybody’s possession. It is a gift from Kami. When we realize this, all must treasure it to prevent the environment from becoming depleted, to have gratitude for what was given to us, and to use it with care.
Peace does not simply mean a world without wars. It also signifies a world where everyone’s will comes together to make use of individual strengths, and to live each day in tranquility. In order that we may begin to perceive how the world should be, today’s society has begun to move back in the “right” direction. Many have begun to realize the limitations of knowledge; and as a result, the confusion and disorder will gradually begin to diminish.
The true Kami is not an iconoclastic Kami or the Kami of established religions, but it is the divinity of nature. True salvation begins with modifying the way we live as we learn the principles that Kami, Oyamanezunomikoto, who truly exists, has given us; it begins with elevating our jittai, bringing out the strengths of our unmei, living a life without regrets, and lastly, attaining ultimate happiness and prosperity, which is the repeated rebirth of our souls. Let those who live by the teachings, take the lead, improve their surrounding environment, and begin the journey toward creating a world based on the principle.