Summary of the Shinji for September

The Shinji for September 2017

When you live by the teachings, the human kokoro becomes balanced and you become a human being who leads society to peace.
Humanity believes that the happiness and prosperity it seeks lies in the development of culture and civilization.
But, in reality, societies are at the mercy of contention and ideologies and they are unstable.
Although there is development in form and appearance, the human kokoro has stagnated and confusion deepens.

To the Shinja
Have you become negligent in your effort to practice the teachings given to you through Shisha?
All, who learn the teachings, begin to perceive their kokoro and gain an awareness to correct their life.
In this world today, where the principles are not perceived, there are many who lower their jittai and who are unable to merge with their unmei.
Strive to be the Shinja whose kokoro is supported by the teachings, and who leads society on the right path.
Within this kokoro, there will be etoku (the joy of having a positive influence on others).
Attaining Kibō no Michi requires daily and repeated effort to live by the teachings.
The human soul gradually becomes elevated and connects the kokoro of family members, relatives, friends, and acquaintances to Kami.
As more people, who live with the kokoro of etoku increases, societies stabilize and evolve.


When we live by Kami’s teachings, the human kokoro becomes anchored and we are able to stay calm at all times. Since the teachings help us to maintain an open and unbiased mind when it comes to the events and situations we face, we are able to make the appropriate response, which in turn, keeps the environment around us calm. The vast majority of people believe that the world is a better place as civilization and culture progresses. But, contrary to this belief, the human kokoro becomes less anchored and unstable, overwhelmed by policies, opinions and an overabundance of information and knowledge.
Kami asks us not to forget the effort to apply the teachings in our life. As long as human beings are tied to the physical body, we suffer from greed. But, when we practice the teachings, we learn to self-reflect and we gain an awareness to correct our thoughts and behavior. Our kigan to Kami becomes on-target and our kokoro becomes ever more elevated.
The family is the smallest unit in society. Thus, learn the teachings as a family and create a family where the kokoro finds peace and comfort. Supported by the principles, live your life in a way that guides the people you meet back to the right path. If you live your life in this way, you create good attributes that result in kaiun for you and your family.
What is important is to sense what the other person is feeling, thinking and the movement of their kokoro. Reflect on the movement of your kokoro and whether you are living according to the teachings, then take action together with kigan. You will gradually become the person, who guides the kokoro of the people around you, to Kami. Society will stabilize as more people like you increase.