Summary of the Shinji for October

The Shinji for October 2017

Tomomarusai Sensei’s life of dedication to salvation was based on the spirit to harmonize (wakon).
The kokoro of harmony (wagokoro) increases our encounters with others and allows us to live a life filled with meaning and purpose.
The strength of the human unmei is honed and our existence contributes to society the more we feel wagokoro or compassion for others.

To the Shinja
Strive to become the shinja who is attuned to the movement of Tomomarusai Sensei’s kokoro on life.
If you learn the teachings and strive to apply them continuously with your kokoro, the kokoro’s movement will gradually come together with what Tomomarusai Sensei wanted.
Accepted by many people, you will go on to become a person who gives back to society.
This is the human kokoro that leads to kaiun.
The six elements of happiness will also be attained by your family.
The human being with the kokoro of harmony (wa) will mitigate situations, and the kokoro of harmony will unify and balance the environment.


The foundation of Tomomarusai Sensei’s teachings was harmony that lies at the heart of wagokoro (the kokoro of harmony). This harmony does not mean that you refrain from saying what you want to say and silently endure in order to get along with others. It means to feel compassion and consideration for the other person. The more you are able to achieve this, the strengths of your unmei is honed, and you become someone that all look up to and depend on. You will receive love and gratitude from many people; and you will gain a sense of what the meaning and purpose of life is.
To become the person who gradually gains a sense of the wagokoro taught by Tomomarusai Sensei, learn Kami’s teachings and make the effort to apply them on a daily basis. If you tend to lose your temper or easily become discouraged or depressed, you have not gained that sense of wagokoro. Before complaining or criticizing others, take the initiative and do what you are able to do. People, who always strive for harmony, are loved and accepted; and they will be very active in society.
There are many today who tend to promote only their own self-interests and who are quick to use and discard the material things in their lives. But, if we live our lives based on the teachings, we are able to live in harmony with the people in our lives. When there is wagokoro, there is a keen understanding of the surrounding atmosphere and we are able to bring together and unify those around us. Our family environment will be one filled with warm and caring conversations; and a generous kokoro is fostered within a family environment that leads to kaiun.