Summary of the Shinji for November

The Shinji for November 2017

All living creatures are connected through Shinkon.
Evidence of this is the strength of the unmei to be useful in this world and within a finite period of time, there is mutual growth among human beings.  
This is cause and effect.
Through Shisha, Kami teaches us the kokoro we should have as human beings.
The more human beings live by the teachings, the strengths of their unmei are honed within Kami’s hands, and they live a life of meaning and purpose.
Simultaneously, they gain an awareness of their jittai and their kokoro is elevated.
Look carefully at Shinji Kyōkai.
It exists to inform the world of the teachings and to deepen its role.
As an environment that teaches the truths of Shinkon, this organization will continue to gain strength to become a presence that will guide society on the right path.
Chokushi’s love continues to this day and protects this church.

To the Shinja
Learn and deepen your understanding of the teachings and strive to be the human being who guides society on the right path.


Everything in the universe is connected through Shinkon as part of Kami’s plan as it moves within a finite period of time. When we use our individual strengths to be useful in the world and grow together, society as a whole begins to harmonize. The more we live by the teachings given to us through Shisha, the strengths of our unmei are honed guided by Kami and we live with meaning and purpose. We are able to clearly see our personality and the way we think and feel. Thus, we are able to resolve the problems and issues that we face; and our kokoro is elevated.
Shinji Kyōkai is now in the age of Shinkon following the age of Chokushi and the age of Daishin.
Its existence brings the teachings to the world; and its worth shines brightly. It is the only place where the Shinji can be found.
The way you live proves the Shinji is the source of salvation. When you learn the teachings, raise your awareness and understanding, and apply them in your daily life; those around you will begin to perceive the truth of Shinkon, and this guides society on the right path.
Chokushi’s unconditional love remains to this day and it continues to protect this church. Our kokoro experiences salvation because we learn the principles from the Shinji. That is why we begin to see positive changes. Those, who live by the teachings, affect people and the surrounding environment for the better. Chokushi wanted each of us to be liked by everyone, to live a meaningful and fulfilling life—a life without regrets—a life of worth.
Let us use our unmei to its fullest and live our days being useful in society.