Summary of the Shinji for December

The Shinji for December 2017

Human beings, who live by the teachings, are accepting of all their encounters and live a life of calm with a bright kokoro.
Gratitude deepens when you know your role and responsibility and the way this world works.

To the Shinja
How were your encounters with family members and relatives this year, a year where your kokoro was entrusted to Kami?
Did you come together in mutual support with family members and relatives to hone your  unmei and live a life filled with meaning and purpose?
The conviction to live by the teachings brings out gratitude, and your encounters with many will broaden.
The kokoro of Aijū Onrei* is to know what the year was like and to strive to live by the teachings so that family members may live their lives in sync with the times.
In the month of Aijū, all shinja are grateful for each encounter they have had under the guidance of Kami.
The growth of this kokoro protects the life of the shinja when it comes together with the kigan of gratitude.


Human beings, who live by the teachings, believe in the strengths of the unmei that Kami has given them, try to give back to society by using these strengths, and live to be useful and needed by many. When we are continually aware of the teachings, we are more accepting of the many people we meet in our day-to-day life, and we live with a positive kokoro. How are you doing?
This world does not revolve around politics, the economy, healthcare, and other facets of our society, important as they are. Everything revolves around the unmei-jittai. That’s why it’s important to respect the unmei and existence of others, to make use of our strengths, and to mutually support one another wherever needed. The person, who has the wisdom and the good sense to discern what’s favorable or unfavorable in their life and environment, is filled with gratitude for all things.
To hone our unmei and to live a life filled with meaning and purpose, we must support our family members, friends, relatives, and the many people around us. When we cultivate our encounters with others, that’s when life begins to take on meaning and purpose. When we commit ourselves to live by the teachings, our kokoro gradually becomes more generous and accepting of others; and we begin to meet many people.
Thus, let us reflect on how we’ve lived our life until now, deepen our gratitude, and elevate the way we live each year. Learn the teachings as a family, apply them as a family and live by going with the flow of the life around you. As our gratitude deepens with each passing year, our life is enhanced. Life matures as this cycle repeats.

* Aijū Onrei: Gratitude, to give back, and to reflect on your life to the present