The Main Focus of the New Year’s Shinji (Kigansai)

Shinji for the Year 2017

Let me tell you what you must focus on for the coming year.
Couples, families go to the church of Kami; learn the principles as a family and strive to practice them as a family.
For families where this effort grows, the kokoro (unmei, jittai) of each family member will be elevated without fail; and the desire to live in an environment filled with conversation will come true.
The human condition is one of avarice and doubt.
Human beings will always suffer when they do not understand this about life (the principle of truth).
In this modern age that puts knowledge first and sees value only in that which has form and appearance, Kami is trying to convey to the shinja that now is the time to live by the teachings.
Guided by the existence and the role fulfilled by the two Shisha, Tomomaruhime and Tomomarusai, and the teachings, today Japan is seen as a country that lives in harmony.
Changes in the times and the environment will continue to manifest greater than ever, and movement within the social environment will be turbulent.
It will then shift to an era of harmony and balance, and the environment will settle.
Do not be consumed by the changes of the times.
Do not be affected by an insincere society without principle.
This is a time when shinja must learn the teachings and have the kokoro to apply them in the family (home) so that you may live a life guided by the unmei Kami has given you.
The world is shifting to an era that lives by the principle of truth, and this principle will be shared by all.
Amidst these changes, the world will gradually return to a life of harmony and balance.


The goal this year is to learn Kami’s teachings as a family and to practice and make use of them as a family. To build a family that lives in harmony, which is the source of happiness, couples must live in harmony with each other.
There is a strong tendency in modern society to judge people and situations according to loss and gain, advantage and disadvantage. If the teachings are not learned as a family, family members will tend to be led and influenced by information they believe to be “right.”
As long as human beings have a physical body, we tend to be easily led by our desires. Although a certain amount of desire or ambition can be positive, if it becomes excessive and everyone in the family wants this or that, which leads to financial difficulties, conversations between husband and wife and parent and child will be strained. But, if the teachings are learned as a family, the situation does not deteriorate because each person respects the feelings of other family members, and it becomes easier to have conversations.
When Kami’s teachings become a part of the family, the kokoro of family members becomes anchored, and doubts and suffering disappear. Since there is harmony in the family, the strengths of family members come together and this gives each individual the strength to face and overcome whatever problem arises. What Kami teaches us is not religious dogma or commandments, but how to live a life without regrets. That’s why this is the year the teachings must be learned and practiced as a family. To accomplish this, we must first learn the teachings and grow as a person, which allows the kokoro to become more deeply engaged with other family members.