Seikon no Gi / Seirei no Gi

The spirit of Kami is placed in each and every Goshintai.
Receiving these Goshintai will help you feel the presence of Kami in you daily lives.


If we are calm and anchored, we have the strength to face problems and to make the right decisions to resolve them. Together with the teachings and with kigan, we can make the best of the teachings in our daily lives, and each year will be abundant and productive.


Seikon no Gi : December 15th at 9am
Seirei no Gi: January 23rd at 9am
*Chiiki Madoguchi will be the delegation to attend these special rites on behalf of all shinjas.
*Shinji revealed in these rites will be covered during Shinja Kokoro no Michi Benkyōkai starting at 10am following the rites.


■Receiving Goshintai for the New Year

Goshintai for the new year can be received at Shinsōhonbu and Hikari no Yakata starting January 1st.  Goshintai can also be received during the meetings in December and January, held in public facilities in remote areas of Japan.
Please fill out and bring the application form for Goshintai when receiving.


For people with special reasons, living in the remote islands of Japan, or living in areas with heavy snow during winter seasons, Goshintai can be received before the new years upon request. Please ask at Shinju Uketsuke at Shinsōhonbu, or at Hikari no Yakata for further information.   


■Exchanging Kankazari and Mitsuwa Kazari Every Year

Kankazri and Mitsuwa Kazari are important ornaments for placing Goshintai in a formal way at your household altar. As you exchange your Goshintai every year, please exchange Kankazari and Mitsuwa Kazari every year.


Please note that the purchasing counter (Shinsōhonbu and Hikari no Yakata) may get very crowded at the end of the year. 
It can also be purchased at meetings held in December and January at remote areas of Japan.
To dispose appropriately, please wrap the old Kankazari and Mitsuwa Kazari with a paper. It can be disposed with your other household litters.


■Hours of Operation and Lectures/Events on January 1st

Shinsōhonbu will open at 5:45am on January 1st. 
Goshintai can be received starting 6:10am. Please take this opportunity to visit with your family. (All Hikari no Yakata will open at 9am, closing at 4pm).


Lectures/Events at Shinsōbu will run on a special schedule until January 4th.
For schedules of Hikari no Yakata, please check the weekly schedules.