December 1st Aiju Onreisai

Reflect on your life for the past year and cleanse your kokoro, and pledge to continue your spiritual growth into the following year.

January 1st Kigansai

Learn the issue of the new year based on the Shinji, which is the guiding principles of the year that Kami shows.

December 15 Seikon no Gi

A ceremony that Shisha seal the mitama, the spirit of Kami, into a new goshintai.

January 23 Seirei no Gi

A ceremony that Shisha remove the mitama from the goshintai of the previous year and purify it of the thoughts and emotions of the shinja that the goshintai has absorbed throughout the year.

The goshintai contains the spirit of Kami (the mitama). Receive the precious goshinti and place it nearby you, and live each day feeling the presence of Kami.
Always look into the issues that Kami shows in the year and hone yourself with kigan; that will lead you to the life that attains true happiness.


You can receive the goshintai from January 1st at Shinsō Honbu or Hikari no Yakata.

Return the goshintai of the previous year as soon as you can.

In time for Seikon no Gi on January 23rd, please return the goshintai before January 20th at Shinsō Honbu or before January 15th at Hikari no Yakata. If you are living abroad and pass the due date, please return the goshintai as soon as you can.