Internet Webcasts for Overseas Members

Shinji Kyōkai provides internet webcasts for members living in the remote islands of Japan, as well for members living overseas. Many of our members have expressed their joy at being able to access various lectures given by the church regardless of where they live. The abridged versions of the lectures touch on the important themes about how we should live and think, how to deal with our emotions, and the principles on which these themes are based on.


Here are the listings of the webcast programs for our non-Japanese speaking members:


Upload Date

Period Available

Shinja Kokoronomichi

Benkyōkai (1st) with English subtitles

(※Exceptions are as follows:January 4th, May 2nd, December 2nd)

20 days after the lecture date

Until Shinja Kokoro no Michi Benkyōkai on the 1st of the following month

July Kaigai Shinja Benkyōkai with English subtitles

1 month

Yūkinokai (abridged, English)

The 1st Sunday

1 month

Minori no Tsudoi (abridged, English)

1st of month

An Introduction to Shinjikyōkai

Internet streaming is for the church members living outside of Japan. If you would like to receive our streaming programs, registration is needed to receive a password to access. Please send us an email at for more information on registration.