Hikari no Sato

Kokoro no Michi to Be Passed On

Our life begins when Kami places our soul within our body. We live our life closely with Kami; and from the time of our birth to the time of our death, we live out our life within the parameters of our soul (unmei).

When our time on earth comes to an end, we lose our physical bodies but our soul does not die. Guided by Shinkon, the spirit of Kami, it returns to Kami until it is reborn. Thus, the end of our lifespan is but the beginning of our next life. This is why Kami describes, in kanji, death of a human being as a celebration, to teach us the principles.


The human soul is reborn many times within the family lineage that it is deeply tied to. For better or for worse, our present way of life affects our descendants and it will also be reflected in the next life we are born into. Thus, it is important to strive to live a good life.
If we contribute to the society around us, establish good relations with many people and live a life without regrets, we leave behind good traits in our kokoro no michi, the path of our kokoro that is inherited and continued by our descendants.
When this happens, the family line continues to prosper for generations to come.


Hikari no Sato, where Shinkon is housed and the sacred ashes of Chokushi and Daishin lie in state, is the indispensable facility for our kokoro no michi to be passed on to our descendants eternally, and for us to attain true salvation.


The Soul of the Deceased Rests at Peace

Protected by Shinkon, our kokoro is filled with a great sense of peace and security, and our kokoro no michi will be connected to the descendants.


― Shinden

Shinkon is worshiped in Shinden.


 ― Shingyoku no Sato

The soul of the deceased family member is rested peacefully and protected by Shinkon, waiting for the time to be reborn.
Shingyoku no Sono at Hikarino Yakata located throughout Japan also provide the interment facilities.


 ― Ceremonial Hall

Funerals and interment ceremonies are held throughout the year.
Shingyokusai, the annual memorial ceremony to pay respects to our deceased family members, is held every day from September 23 to November 15.


Shūwa no Michi Kaikan

・Seminars to learn the teachings and hone our kokoro are held throughout the year.

If we could raise our present way of life, our next life will be happier
than the present one.  


・Exhibition Hall;

The history of Shinji Kyōkai and Hikari no Sato is exhibited year-round;

When we look back on the history, we could realize how essential this facility is to true salvation.


A Place to Cure our Soul and Kokoro

Hikari no Sato sits on a hilltop of the coastal town of Yugawara in Kanagawa Prefecture, commanding a whole view of the Sagami Bay and the Manazuru Peninsula.
Blessed with a rich natural environment, visitors spend a relaxing time at Shūwa no Michi Kaikan.


Hikari no Sato offers lodging and accommodations with onsen (hot springs);
Rooms and meals are provided for our comfort stay overnight.
The onsen uses natural hot spring water directly from the source.
A new day starts with singing of birds.

Kami describes Hikari no Sato as “Cure Center” to save our kokoro and the soul of the deceased family.
Visiting Hikari no Sato at every opportunity will deepen the family ties and the kokoro no michi of the family will be passed on, thus enabling the family line continue to prosper.