Summary of the Shinji (March 1, 2020) from Kyōshu Seishisha Tomomarukō Sensei

Do not be consumed by the changes, give back to society.”  This is the theme of the Shinji for this month.  Let us know the things occurring around the world are caused by “the power of nature which is beyond human knowledge.”
Taking a “virus” as an example.  It has been existing close to human beings as a part of nature, affecting our lives in both good and bad ways.  And this time, something triggered it to activate the virus resulting in a pandemic.
Kami says in the Shinji of Kigansai, addressed on January 1st, which showed “The power (changes) of the times is at work to harmonize nature (the universe).”   And part of this is occurring right now, and now is the time that we should read over the Shinji to consider our swaying kokoro with the teachings.
People have the tendency to seek the factor in politics, economy or education, when they face the problems like the one we are facing now in society.  However, the most important thing to do now is to remain unaffected by continuously occurring collateral matters.  Shinji of March 1st tells us how we can manage this situation.


The first part of Shinji is what we should be aware of.
The changes in society occur though the power (unmei) of the times.  Humanity is not creating the changes.”
As is said before, the current situations are inevitably brought out.  One of the reasons for this is human beings have pursued the things differently from what it should be or far from the fundamentals.  So the power of nature is working to go back to the stable and suitable state.
The following phrase teaches us the way to live a good life without getting lost in these circumstances.
The strength of the unmei protects and guides life on the right path.”
What we must do is to strive to hone our “unmei”, our potential, abided by the teachings Kami has given to us.  This is not only for the moment, but we have been and will be doing the same.  We should strive to hone our unmei and give back to society.  Then our potential makes the most and our life will be protected.  The phrase is emphasized because it is the “principle” that people should acquire and practice to attain our kaiun, the life without regret.

The following phrase teaches us what we must keep in mind.
Human beings must hone their unmei and know the kokoro to give back so that their unmei’s strength dose not waste away.”
As we are living in such a difficult time, we must make greater effort to learn the teachings and interact with the society by doing what we can, without being swung by the uncertain information.
For example, you can refrain from buying unnecessary amount, if you consider others.  Looking after your grandchildren who have to stay home due to the cancellation of school which may help their parents who work in double harness.  In other words, because we are in a situation where people are anxious and living in uncertainty, it is important for us to be involved with others and be useful to help one another.  By being involved with people, the strength of your unmei will surface naturally, which will protect your well-being and essentially your life; this is the miracle one can experience by utilizing the strength of unmei.  Always have the teachings of Kami as a guiding-post, be patient at times, and take actions according to the flow of society.