History of Hikari no Yakata, a Branch of Shinji Kyōkai

Kami Did not Allow to Establish Branches Very Easily

Under Kami’s instructions, Tomomarusai Sensei established Shinji Kyōkai in the aftermath of World War II in Japan. Tomomarusai Sensei proceeded to demonstrate, through the powers given to him by Kami, miraculous acts of healing and accurate predictions of events that would happen in a person’s life. Through these acts, the name of Kami began to spread and the number of Shinja had increased explosively since 1975. Lectures and events were held at Shinja’s houses or by renting local facilities in many places in Japan. As an organization, Shinji Kyōkai needed to establish Hikari no Yakata, its branches, throughout Japan to offer all Shinja the environment of salvation. But,it was the era that not all of the powers of Kami, saving human kokoro, was shown. Therefore, Kami did not allow establishing branches not just yet.



Hikari no Yakata that Everyone Had Been Longing for Was Finally Established

The very first branch was established on December 4th, 1988 after Tomomaruhime Sensei who had the unmei of Kami had become Chokushi. The life of Tomomarusai Sensei as a human being was ended on October 29th, about a month before the first branch’s establishment, and he was accepted into the world of Kami.


Now, we have over 30 Hikari no Yakata throughout Japan. Every one of them was established to wish the happiness and prosperity of the local people by the hands of Kami. Unlike some companies establish their branches at the places where they can get profits, Kami establishes Hikari no Yakata at places where locals strongly seek for the power of Kami or need the power to rise again after natural disasters. All Hikari no Yakata are filled with the love of Kami towards the locals.


A Branch that Daishin and Chokushi yearned for. The very first branch was established in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture with the deep love of Daishin and Chokushi.

A big hall in Ehime filled with many Shinja. An event was held to celebrate the opening of Ehime Hikari no Yakata.

Hikari no Yakata in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Some Shinja took a night train to visit on its opening day.


Each One of Hikari no Yakata Is Filled with Kami’s Love

Each region has its own regional characteristics that are both physical and cultural. So, people in a certain area tend to share similar traits; common feelings and thoughts that usually come from its history and rituals. Each area and its people have its own tasks to attain Kaiun (achieving happiness and prosperity). For instance, as parents have same deep amount of love towards their children but showing it in different ways depending on their personalities, Kami gives the same amount of love to each of the branches in different ways depending on the regional tasks and characteristics.


Kagoshima Hikari no Yakata. Half of the Shinja in Kagoshima Prefecture came to celebrate its opening ceremony.

Osaka Hikari no Yakata. Shinja from six prefectures came to celebrate its opening with their thoughts going back to the days when they received lectures at the local facilities.

Iwate Hikari no Yakata. It was established after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Shinja waited for 30 years to have a branch in their area.


Hikari no Yakata have been established only for the happiness and prosperity of the locals. Hikari no Yakata consist of Shinden; kigan area, classrooms; learning the teachings, soudan; consultation about how to apply the teachings to own life, ceremony hall, and reception counter. Certain Hikari no Yakata have Nōkotsudō, interment facility, named Shingyoku no Sono. Shinja speak their honest feelings to Kami through kigan, and express their respect and gratitude to their deceased and ancestors at Shinden. As you utilize the facilities to learn the teachings, kigan, and attend ceremonies, your kokoro will be anchored and obtain power to strongly move forward in their life with the love of Kami. Hikari no Yakata is the emotional support for Shinja.


Let me teach you the worth of Shinji Kyōkai
――The human world revolves around the kokoro――
Human beings, who realize the “truth” of the world, seek for a holy place, where they entrust their kokoro to Kami.
Hikari no Yakata ― The only one place where Kaiun is attained.


*Kaiun means achieving happiness and prosperity. (by living according to the principles, thereby suppressing the negative traits inherited from our parents and ancestors and bringing out the positive aspects of our unmei.)


Hikari no Yakata is not purposed to conduct missionary works, but for leading human beings to true happiness and prosperity. It is the place for salvation. Please come and utilize the facilities to feel the power and love of Kami.