About Ōyamanezunomikoto Shinji Kyōkai

Ōyamanezunomikoto Shinji Kyōkai

It is an environment created by Ōyamanezunomikoto who helps humanity attain happiness and prosperity

Shinji Kyōkai was created by Ōyamanezunomikoto, Kami, who is the source of all life. The Shinji in Shinji Kyōkai is the word of a Kami, who truly exists, that is given to us through Kami’s Messenger.
Shinji allow us to learn the teachings of the kokoro which are essential to achieve a happy and prosperous life.
In this environment, we can discover the means to live each day with a positive kokoro, and achieve a life without regrets.

The Teachings

What the World Revolves Around

As long as we live in this world, it is vital that we understand how it works.
There are workings which lead us to live a life of fulfillment, to create a warm and caring family, to achieve true health and longevity, or to be useful in society.
On the other hand, there are workings which lead us to cause conflicts within the family or to affect our health.
By learning the teachings given by Ōyamanezunomikoto, we can understand the workings of the world. Putting teachings into practice, we all can live a life of happiness.


The Center of the Teachings is Kami, Hotoke, and Hito no Michi

The fundamentals of the teachings at Shinji Kyōkai is Kami, Hotoke, and Hito no Michi.

Kami no Michi: the path of Kami.
・to accept the presence of Kami, and express reverence and gratitude for the blessing.
・to entrust our thought to Kami and make an effort to abide by Hotoke and Hito no Michi.

Hotoke no Michi: the path of Hotoke.
・to have gratitude to parents and ancestors who gave birth to us and raised us.
・to respect our seniors and superiors.
・to not worry our ancestors, family members and seniors. 

Hito no Michi: the path of human beings.  
・to cherish and deepen our ties to surrounding people and things.

When Kami, Hotoke, and Hito no Michi becomes a conscious part of our daily life, our strengths and abilities will come to full bloom.
If we draw out our strength for the benefit of others, we will be loved and needed by many people. This is what makes up our life of meaning and purpose.

Kami also teaches us “The Ten Basic Teachings”, the fundamental teachings that deepens our ties to each other.