Summary of the Shinji (February 29, 2020) from Kyōshu Seishisha Tomomarukō Sensei

Tomomarukō Sensei, given his abilities as a Shisha, had given us guidance based on the Shinji that are revealed to us today. We hope you take a moment to read the following message, as it clearly gives us guidance on how to face the unprecedented situation the world is facing today.

Tomomarukō Sensei’s words on how to spend the month of March:
As we see changes in our society, there are so many uncertainties and issues that are shaking us. Feelings people have are the invisible force that takes over our rational thinking.  Therefore, it is relevant to always anchor ourselves with the principles to perceive all that’s laid out in front of us in the correct way and not be consumed.

Kami speaks to us by showing us the following Shinji: “People who live by the principles can live with a kokoro that is to be one with their unmei.”

An example on where this Shinji applies to our daily life; it is a way of thinking to buy what are necessary for the moment, and at the same time, to think about other people, as they should get their share of necessary things as well. We often hear people running to stores and buying every toilet paper from the shelves, hearing rumors that no one really knows where it came from. Acting selfishly and to think only of yourself is not living with the principles. If the government asks for cooperation, it is the best to cooperate. This is to live with the flow of time.

As you deepen the learnings, you will know what is right, and know what kind of people receives the protection from Kami. And the type of person who receives protection from Kami is revealed in the following Shinji:

Knowing the existence of Shinkon and striving to live by the teachings, now is the time to deepen the understanding of the principles and live life in wisdom.”

Knowing the existence of Shinkon, is knowing the truth how human beings are saved by Kibō no Michi—the means for salvation. This means for salvation works as we make the effort to live by the principles. And now is the time to live life with wise, rational thinking—rather than to be taken over by greed or selfishness to be inconsiderate about others around us. If you live by the principles, you will not go beyond your parameters. In other words, you will not go beyond your limits to do something to fulfill the moment. The flow of time will flow gently along with you to the future.

You will start to see changes in your every day life. Your kokoro will be protected, and all your encounters will be there to support you in your life.”

As you let yourself go with the flow of the times, your situations will gradually change for the better. There will always be people who will give you a helping hand and your chances of living peacefully will rise.

This is what we need to keep in mind throughout the month of March. Knowing this will help us reach a better tomorrow.