Summary of the Shinji (February 23, 2020) from Kyōshu Seishisha Tomomarukō Sensei

Today we are living in an age of confusion where there are many situations we can’t get over only with our knowledge and experiences.  This is very much seen and experienced in the ongoing situation with the Corona Virus (COVID-19).
This Shinji teaches us how to stay with the flow of time, rather than to be consumed with the chaotic situation.


The first line of the Shinji, “Learn the teachings, change your perceptions and live life.” is what we should be aware of right now.  “Perception” means how we see and understand things, and Kami tells us to change it now.
People are anxious because they want to know the truth and the right direction.  People who are also working on to provide the information must be anxious and uncertain about the facts that are out there.  Let us remind that what we are facing now has never been experienced before, and nobody can tell what is right among the out coming information. We are still searching for the right countermeasure.  Therefore, if we can change our perception and take control of what we can do on our individual level, the options would become clear to us; like muddy water turns clear and pure.
We should realize that human being is not absolute: for what is occurring right now is beyond the control of even the economists and politicians.  We must realize there is a world beyond human knowledge.
As the Shinji shows, “Kami(Shinkon) and human beings are connected through the unmei,” by having the strong ties with Kami (Shinkon), your intuition will work to protect you and lead you to safer grounds.
Lastly Kami says, “When human beings do not resist their unmei and accept it, the right interaction with the times will grow and they will walk the right path,” which is the principle.  There is often the case that people who are not consumed by what is currently happening can bring their healing power in full play when they get sick.  This is because kokoro and body are closely affected to each other, meaning if your kokoro is anchored, the power to heal and live that comes from within your body makes the most.
There is nothing to worry about as far as you learn the teachings and live with the teachings, even under the unpredictable circumstances like where we stand today.