Summary of the Shinji (March 15, 2020) from Kyōshu Seishisha Tomomarukō Sensei

The theme for March is to not be consumed by the changes and carry on to make the effort to give back to society. And the Shinji for March 15th is talking about this theme from a different angle than the last time, which was given to us for March 1st.

The Shinji begins with the measures to cope with the situation our society is facing today. In other words, a deep understanding we all should have in order to face our situation in a correct way.

There is no success in life based on effort. Happiness and prosperity are attained only after you endeavor to live and be one with your unmei.

Success in life is not only given to those who make efforts. The question is; are we making the right effort that is aligned with our individual unmei?  In order to make the right effort, is to first be aware and understand our role, our abilities, our parameters, and what is expected of us at the moment, and give what you have. And this is how we achieve a life with fruition, hence giving us a great satisfaction and fulfillment in return. This is the point about “giving back to society” that we want to understand this month.

When speaking of “giving back to society,” it is so abstract and has no concrete definition of what exactly needs to be done. Is it to be generous to others? Is it about giving a helping hand? There is no one simple act that defines it. To give an example, if a person looks like he/she wants to do whatever they are doing without anyone’s help, it is to stay back and oversee with a thought to wish for the best. And if he/she decides to ask for a helping hand, the willingness to help is what Kami means as to “give back to society.”   It has to be an act that coincides with the thoughtfulness and generosity to bring smile and a sense of fulfillment among all of us.

This deep thought of wanting to “give back” and live to act upon that will eventually bring good things in your life. Good things would perhaps come in many forms. For instance, even in such situation where so much fear and uncertainty hit our society like today, you will come out of it a stronger person, with much inner growth. In other words, you will make the most out of every thing that happens in life.

The next point is what human beings must realize today.   

Society is guided by the power (unmei) of the times, fluid and constantly changing—a truth. Hence when the teachings are learned and life is lived knowing the true human kokoro, the kokoro to give back is learned, happiness is experienced, and a life where kaiun is achieved, is lived.

Until today, humans have focused on the growth of economy and the development of our society filled with goods, strongly believing that this is what gives people true happiness. But in reality, humans have left behind something very important—the growth of our inner self to be more thoughtful and giving. And the cost of that is what we are experiencing today. And we must change it now. This message is found in the part where Kami showed: “Society is guided by the power (unmei) of the times, fluid and constantly changing—a truth.” What we are experiencing today is not due to the economy or the political movements of our society, but due to an enormous power of the times trying to adjust itself back, correcting the flaws and mistakes by all of us.

That is why we must learn and know the true human kokoro—what we must value and how we must live. It is to know who we are and live within our parameters. It is a balance of patience, living with generosity, and proactive at times. And the result, your presence will be felt by many and bring you a life filled with meaning and purpose.

For the past recent years, Kami had repeatedly shown us that the power of nature will greatly shift and our society will be changed as a result. And in times of changes, anxiety and uncertainty often brings people’s conscious to blame other people, therefore, acting selfishly or being uncooperative. However, there are those who will stay calm and carry on by making the best out of the changes; for example, to spend more time with the family or trying to help out those in time of need.  As mentioned earlier, if you try to live to “give back” in any situation, your life will not be consumed even in times of uncertainty.

It is important for each one of us to stay grounded, and share the love. These thoughts will gradually spread and situations will turn out for the better. Now is the time to act and live with the teachings.