Summary of the Shinji (March 23, 2020) from Kyōshu Seishisha Tomomarukō Sensei

To better understand the true meaning behind this Shinji, there are two principles to keep in mind.
One, there are two sides/ two poles to everything. As there are left and right, front and back, strength and weakness, male and female; every existing thing in this world has two sides/ two poles, always maintaining a balance. Therefore, when you come across someone or something that opposes your views or ideas, it is better not to go against or refuse it, but try to take in to harmonize. We have to accept this principle. And it is better not to take extreme measures to argue and go against it. Communicate or try to be tolerant to reach a better understanding.   

Two, society is an organism that is constantly changing and moving forward. As we humans have experienced shifts of eras, we have repeated the prosperity and decline. Nothing has ever been the same because the variables were always different; Kami calls this the “unmei (power) of times.”  In addition, there is always a reason to every outcome. This is the principle that an act of good will, would return to you in a generous way.

The reason why we have to be aware of these principles is because, we live in a world where there is a tendency to find faults about every single thing. Therefore, instead of harmonizing, rejection to what appears to be “different” have brought our society today to lose its balance.

Having said that, the Shinji for March 23 shows us how to live, keeping our balance without being consumed by the changes today.

The Shinji begins with this line:

All life is in Kami’s hands, allowed to live at the mercy of an era’s power (unmei).

All life is in Kami’s hands,” means that there are things in this world that are out of human reach. No matter what kind of effort you make, there are things in life that are simply not controllable. That is why we need to be humble towards the fact that we are all given our life with a meaning and given the time to live under the influence of constant changes.  This is the first thing we need to take in.

And as the world reached the peak of this imbalance created by humans, the power of the times is moving the world to regain its balance. The Corona Virus (COVID-19) was perhaps one of the things that came as a result of this move back to balance. It had truly impacted our society, but it was necessary for us to move forward. Time will come when this will settle to enter the next era.

But what must we do now to overcome this unprecedented situation in the right way? The answer is simple:

Life should be lived supported by the teachings.

Learn the teachings and make the effort to live by it. And the consequences of that is shown in the following part:

The kokoro anchors and the principle to give back is perceived the more human beings live by the teachings. When you see this, you are guided increasingly by your unmei; and a life without regrets is lived.

As you live by the teachings, you will find yourself grounded to set priorities at the moment.

The theme for March was not to be consumed by the changes and carry on to make the effort to give back to society. Whether it is a new virus, or any other problems, it is taking place under the influences of the time. As you study and take in the Shinji, you will understand this. And this understanding allows you to keep your balance in the changes; prioritizing the current needs and staying within your parameters. This is where Kami is saying “the principle to give back is perceived.” A person who follows this will not run into big problems that would change their lives. Even if problems do arise, there will be a sense of comfort and growth from overcoming that problem. And this is what it means to live “a life without regrets.”