Summary of the Shinji (June 23, 2020) from Kyōshu Seishisha Tomomarukō Sensei

The Teachings Guide Us To a Life without Regrets is the theme for June. Based on this theme, there are four principles shown from the three Shinji revealed from the 1st, 15th, and the 23rd.  All of the four principles show us about the values and worth of the teachings.

The principle that was shown in the Shinji on June 1st was as follows:

Human beings will attain a life without regrets when understanding is gained from the teachings.

Make the teachings as part of you and use those wisdom gained through the teachings in life; this is the only way to achieve a life without regrets and remorse.
And on June 15th, the principles were the following:

When human beings consciously live a life that is one with their unmei, the environment changes for the better, they live days filled with joy, meaning and purpose.

Human beings will not live to be conscious about their life that is one with their unmei without learning and acquiring the teachings.  And it is because we live consciously about our unmei, we can take all problems of life in stride.  Therefore, even in times of difficulties, we can turn things around to make it an opportunity to learn and grow from it. The continuation of this in life will allow us to overcome all obstacles of life with much strength and leaving a sense of pride to live days filled with joy, meaning and purpose.

The Shinji for the 23rd contains two principles.

The first part shows the first of the principles.

The church is the environment that Kami opened up to the world (society) to foster people who will walk the right path.

The shinja is an existence who learns the teachings and strives to walk the right path to raise their jittai.

Kami is reforming the entire world to bring our society to the one as it should be through the platform of Shinji Kyōkai. Therefore, it is relevant for all shinja (who has gained the knowledge of unmei and the principles through the teachings to fully utilize the unmei) to make the effort to walk the right path.

A person who walks the right path knows their own parameters and can live accordingly.  Hypothetically, if we humans were flowers; chrysanthemums have their way of blooming while roses have their own. They have their own charms that put them in their spotlight and shine in their own ways.  This is what it means to walk the right path. Every individual has their given unmei that makes them unique and different.  And the only way to live life to see it blossom, is to learn the teachings provided in the environment of Shinji Kyōkai and make them a part of how you live. By learning the teachings, you can see your parameters which allow you not to reach out too much and stay on the right track. Kami informs, that this is a principle to be understood.

The following part of the Shinji is showing us a point to realize.

What the shinja must do today is to use the church to gain awareness and self-reliance from the teachings.

To use the church is to fully use the privileges as members of Shinji Kyōkai and utilize the resources and environment provided: the place of worship to kigan, ceremonies, consultations, webinars, books, websites, and email magazines. And as Kami revealed in the Shinji to gain awareness and self-reliance from the teachings, it is important to realize important things about life, and gain more awareness. Enlightenment is not achieved without the willingness to search for it—answers will not appear unless you ask the question.  Also, the term self-reliance used in the Shinji shows the importance to make the effort (learn the teachings and kigan and to live with love) to gain the protection from Kibō no Michi (*1). And in that process, realizing to have deep understanding from the teachings is necessary and to have an eye to see the surroundings based on the principles is expected. And with the hope that each one of us would follow what is mentioned above, Kami says this is what shinja must do today.   

The Shinji continues with two points of deep understandings.  First of the understandings is as follows:
Learn the teachings as a family, strive as a family to connect strongly with your Kokoro no Michi.

The Six Elements of Happiness will be achieved and the family (lineage) will pass on good elements to its descendants.

Kami insists to learn the teachings as a family—not by yourself.  This is because the Six Elements of Happiness (*2) is achieved as a result of practicing the teachings as a family. As the teachings are practiced in the family, the family’s kokoro will anchor, hence the unmei is honed to face life in the correct way. Unmei is what helps each person overcome the challenges of life, and helps keep the family at peace and safe in times of changes. Moreover, the way of life practiced as a family becomes a wisdom the teachings that gets passed over generations. And this is where Kami shows, the family (lineage) will pass on good elements to its descendants, and this is what needs to be achieved.

The second of the understanding is followed in the next part:

The light (path) penetrates when the path is followed. Be enlightened about the shinja who lives in the era of Shinkon.

In the era of Shinkon, the one principle we must remember is the truth that the light (path) penetrates when the path is followed.  In other words, when you walk the right path, abiding by Kami, Hotoke and Hito no Michi, you will receive protection from Kibō no Michi without fail. And this means that you will be able to live out your life based on your unmei and leave without any remorse.

A person who abides by the teachings sees things in a simple manner—does not make things complicated. For instance, if the stay at home measures are placed, they simply stay home. And if the restrictions are lifted, they start moving taking enough precautions. This type of person can stay calm and carry on without being too consumed by all the changes or affected greatly by the constant flow of information we receive in our daily life. And in addition, this type of person will not make enemies.

Lastly, the fourth principle of this month is shown in the following Shinji:

The human being who walks the right path in the hands of Kami will guide society to harmony and protect the environment.

In the hands of Kami means a life merged with one’s unmei. Tomomaruhime Sensei once taught us a principle that Kami does not directly protect human beings. But Kami protects through each individual’s unmei.  Therefore, to live under the protection of Kami is to live within the parameters of your unmei. If you ignore your unmei and make efforts that are in the wrong direction, it is like growing roses using guidelines to grow chrysanthemums; the efforts will not bring results you desire. Making the wrong efforts will mean that you will be slipping out from Kami’s hands and not experience true happiness. But instead, drown in the misery of worries and problems. Therefore, to be in the hands of Kami, is to maximize your unmei

This applies to the meaning of a person who walks the right path. Right path does not indicate going against the law or live a depraved way. The right path Kami teaches us is to live along your parameters. If you know you are given life as a rose, it is to accept it and live your life as a rose. This mindset will help and encourage others and guide society to harmony.

And when Kami says, protect the environment, it is not about resolving issues of global warming. It implies the ripple effect that one person’s kokoro can initiate by having an anchored kokoro.  And a person’s kokoro is anchored when they are in touch with the teachings.

There was a phrase in the June 15th Shinji that said, “the environment changes for the better.” And this ties to the part in today’s Shinji (23rd) where it says if we walk the right path, the power of unmei will be drawn out, and the surrounding environment will be protected—changes for the better will be made. When this is applied to your health, your body will be protected through better immunity and from increasing energy to live. And we cannot deny, issues with our health is something that effort or money can’t buy.

With the four principles shown through the three Shinji in June, we came to a mutual understanding about the value and worth of the teachings revealed by Kami. And knowing this worth, now is the time to make further efforts to receive protection from Kibō no Michi.


(*1) Kibō no Michi: All living creatures are granted with an unmei at the time of birth. Unmei is a positive source of energy that helps one life to live. Kibō no Michi is the way to draw out and surface the unmei and correct the jittai that are handed down from our parents and ancestors.

(*2) The Six Elements of Happiness:  One of the fundamental principles to achieve happiness as a human being. To be blessed with a husband or wife, to be blessed with children (both son and daughter), to be blessed with health, to be blessed with work, to be blessed with livelihood, and to be blessed with hopes and dreams; these six elements are what brings happiness as a human being.

The Six Elements has its orders. If the husband and wife live in harmony, the relationship between the parents and children are well maintained. If the family environment is stable and in good relation, a person will become healthy, and the will to work will not fade away. Willingness to work will help exceed a person’s abilities, so there will always be work, have a stable income to support a living, which leads to living life with many hopes and dreams. Please see pg 21 of 『How to Live-Kokoro no Moto』for further information.