Summary of the Shinji (October 23, 2020) from Kyōshu Seishisha Tomomarukō Sensei

The theme for all the Shinji in October is on Daishin. And the Shinji for the 15th and the 23rd are a sequent of the October 1st Shinji.  For that reason, in moving forward to the Shinji for the 23rd, it will be helpful to look over the first two Shinji of the month. The common underlying message among the Shinji is to place Tomomarusai Sensei as an example of our life.

We can see that the values and principles Tomomarusai Sensei showed through his way of life become our guiding principles as we learn the teachings of Kami that foresee the future. This has nothing to do with whether we have met Tomomarusai Sensei in person or not. The importance is to sense it from the Shinji shown to us today.

Many of the Shinji that Kami teaches about Daishin can be found in the book the collection of all the Shinji revealed to us called “Shinjitsu no Michi –Shinji.” And the history book, “The Path to Truth, a Journey of Light” has more stories about Tomomarusai Sensei, for those who are interested on how Tomomarusai Sensei had lived his life.  His life was about moving forward with his mission expected in his role with sincerity, and not be consumed by human greed.

People today lack kindness and compassion and do not realize how selfish they are—the society is filled with selfish thoughts and personal opinions that are often based on personal values. Many people are consumed by excessive greed, and feeling unsatisfied. This is moving in the opposite direction from feeling satisfaction hence away from what true happiness is.

In this world today, what is expected of us, who are learning the teachings of Kami is to thrive and aim to be a person who values what Tomomarusai Sensei valued. And that is why we need to place Tomomarusai Sensei as an example of life.

Tomomarusai Sensei lived in an era under different circumstances.  But how did he live his life? Let us look at some episodes from the past. 

Tomomarusai Sensei left his education in middle school and left for apprenticeship. Therefore, he never completed an education from going to school. But when Tomomarusai Sensei was given the role as a Shisha, Kami had told him “You have learned everything there is to know in theology and the divine.  Although you do not have academic credentials, you have been well educated in the truths by Kami. Go out into the world with confidence.” And with those words from Kami, Tomomarusai Sensei moved forward to become a Shisha with a genuine heart.

Tomomarsai Sensei as a Shisha, did everything under the instructions of Kami. And when people pointed out that a word written on the sign board was wrong, he asked Kami to make sure what he had written on the sign board was correct. Then Kami told him, “Why do you not believe in the word of Kami and are led astray by the word of human beings?  If you do not believe in Kami, then Kami will no longer educate you.”   Tomomarusai Sensei immediately apologized, reassured and made a promise to follow the words of Kami from then on.

A lot of the things in our society today are based on the calculations of gains and losses. People make their choices based on their gains and losses and want to consume at a cheaper price and sell things at a higher price—everything is about themselves, and not about the other person involved. Tomomarusai Sensei was a person who intentionally bought things from stores that are not doing well. A concept of win-win and mutual progress were always at the bottom of his decisions—perhaps a different view from what most people would see.

There are so many stories about Tomomarusai Sensei’s act of sincerities. He was honest, sincere, compassionate, not two-sided, and not greedy. We must understand that all his intentions were for the people and set his way of life as an example.


The first half of the Shinji today consists a deep understanding, and the second half shows us two important realizations. Let us begin with the part that talks about the deep understanding.

Human beings live for a finite period of time (era), their kokoro (life) protected through their unmei in the hands of Kami.
This is the condition (truth) of life.
It was the same for Shisha Tomomarusai.
The power (unmei) of salvation was given to him and he established the foundations of Shinji Kyōkai in the hands of Kami.
This achievement is sacred and great.
Shinja must not forget this truth.
The more this truth takes root, people will look to Shisha Tomomarusai as a shining example of life and seek his strength (unmei).
The kokoro (conviction) to abide by the path will increasingly blossom in the kokoro (life) of the shinja.

In the beginning, where Kami reveals a part that says; Human beings live for a finite period of time (era), their kokoro (life) protected through their unmei in the hands of Kami is a principle. In the hands of Kami describes a phenomenal working beyond human understanding and power where the soul gets placed in a human body. And as it gets placed in the body, the power of unmei develops to become an energy that guides a person’s life. This is the workings of human life that we must understand. Tomomarusai Sensei was the first person who was given this explanation from Kami, and lived with this deep understanding. Therefore, each one of us should make the effort to try to understand this deep principle and live.

Tomomarusai Sensei was also a human being who was given an unmei, like any of us, and lived his life. He had a flourishing business but all lost in the midst of the world war. And that is when he truly realized that life should not be spent to collect the tangible things. And in sequence, he was given the role of a Shisha of Ōyamanezunomikoto.

The first power that was granted as a Shisha was a power to show the true existence of Ōyamanezunomikoto, to reveal the teachings of Kami, Hotoke and Hito no Michi, and spread the true meaning and the value of true paradise. The power (unmei) of salvation was given to him and he established the foundations of Shinji Kyōkai was given to Tomomarusai Sensei that help build the foundations needed for Kibō no Michi, which later would be revealed by Tomomaruhime Sensei. And as Kami showed and as we all agree this achievement is sacred and great.

We must not forget this truth and look to Shisha Tomomarusai as a shining example of life, and use our individual unmei and share it to the rest of the world. For this to happen we must have the kokoro (conviction) to abide by the path based on the teachings of Kami, Hotoke, and Hito no Michi that were taught by Tomomarusai Sensei. We may not do something big to change the world, but if we focus and work to play our role, we can leave behind great achievements that would help the people in our surroundings. And plus, our life lived to fulfill our unmei will leave behind good footprints to the next generation in the family which is indicated as the vertical Kokoro no Michi

The next is a realization.

Today, in the age of Shinkon, Daishin watches and protects the kokoro of the shinja.
When you kigan, understand well the significance (principle) of saying the name of Daishin and deepen your reverence (gratitude).

No matter how the society gets divided and under confusion, as long as one lives by the teachings of Kami, we will receive the protection through Kibō no Michi(*1), and make full use of our unmei and share it to the world. This is the significance of the age of Shinkon. If we can fully use our given unmei, kaiun(*2) is reached without fail. Today, as the closest Kami to Ōyamanezunomikoto, Tomomarusai Sensei as Daishin watches and protects the kokoro of the shinja.

In the morning and evening, we all say the name; “Ōyamanezunomikoto Koshōdōshi Chokushi no Mitama, Daishin Tomomarusai no Mikotowhen we kigan. We must not recite this as “something to be said when we kigan,” but understand well the significance (principle) of saying the name, and say the names with a sense of appreciation. When we say the name, “Daishin Tomomarusai no Mikoto,” let us deepen our reverence (gratitude) and say it with our respect and our hope to thrive and become close to our greatest example of life.

Lastly, let us take a look at one more realization.

To the Shinja
Believe in the strength of your unmei, learn the teachings and ask Kami (Shinkon, Daishin) for a life that is one with your unmei.
The wisdom of the principles will be reflected in your kokoro (insight) and your understanding of the path of principles will increasingly deepen.

To live by the principles hones the kokoro (unmei) of a person (human beings) and they live a life that experiences meaning and purpose.

As this part start as; to the Shinja, this part is where Kami is calling out to each one of us. Kami continued and said to believe in the strength of your unmei. With this, let us strive to become a person who is needed by many. This effort is to be one with your unmei. Therefore, it is the importance to learn the teachings, place Tomomarusai Sensei as our example of life, and practice the teachings under the protection of Kami. As a result, the wisdom of the principle will be reflected in your kokoro (insight). Kami placed the word ‘insight’ along with the word ‘kokoro.’ This insight is the power to see the truth and what is real. So therefore, as you deepen the understanding of the values of the teachings, the kokoro to see truthfulness and falsehood will reside. And when that happens, your understanding of the path of principles will increasingly deepen.

The path of principles is relevant as a human being. When one’s understanding of it is increasingly deepened, it becomes part of how one lives and gets incorporated to one’s way of life. As a result, one will not be moved nor consumed by little things and become emotionally distracted. This will prevent one from taking actions or saying things that would hurt themselves or others in any way. Things will be less distracting to a greater extent.

To live by the principles is the only way to hone the kokoro. And we are able to live a life that experiences meaning and purpose.  This is the greatest gift that one can leave in their Kokoro no Michi connected to the next generation. And not just that, but one will be reborn to their next life at a faster time frame.

The kokoro that Tomomarusai Sensei valued in life still remains as our guiding light. The kokoro of harmony (chōwa) that allows one to abide by the teachings of Kami, Hotoke, and Hito no Michi, is the kokoro that runs as a basis of everything said in the teachings. Having Tomomarusai Sensei as a great example of life, let us keep on moving forward in reaching our life of kaiun


(*1) Kibō no Michi: Is a salvation that Ōyamanezunomikoto has revealed for us that suppresses and corrects the jittai (our temperament and dispositions) handed down from our parents and ancestors, thus helps surface the unmei given to us, and lead our life to one of fulfillment.

(*2) Kaiun: It is to achieve true happiness through your unmei. This is achieved by following and abiding by the teachings that allows the unmei to be surfaced while the jittai handed down from the parents and ancestors are suppressed.