Summary of the Shinji (November 29, 2020) from Kyōshu Seishisha Tomomarukō Sensei

Shinji for the 29th every month is shown with a purpose to resolve the problem you are facing today. However, it is recommended to learn the teachings on a daily basis to foster a kokoro that doesn’t worry over things than to start learning the teachings to find answers when you run into problems. So therefore, it is important to make the learning process a part of your routine and keep on making the effort to live by the teachings.  This awareness will make a significant difference in how you live your life today.

The Shinji for 29th, unlike the other Shinji revealed for the month, shows less of the principles, and more focused on helping you see what is your true reason behind the problem, what you are not seeing in the problem, or any kokoro that is lacking at the moment.  So therefore, the Shinji for 29th is meant to help you realize of any course correction in your life.

With that being said, the Shinji for November 29 teaches us on how to manifest Kibō no Michi—the important kokoro that will bring the protection from Kami through the power of Kibō no MichiKibō no Michi is a salvation that was revealed to suppress the jittai (temperament and dispositions) handed down from your parents and ancestors and help surface the unmei to lead your life without any remorse. To manifest this salvation, there is one principle; “When you abide by the path, the light (Kibō no Michi) will shine through.”  The more you deeply understand and strive to abide by Kami, Hotoke, and Hito no Michi, the more protection you will receive to live each day with an anchored kokoro.


The Shinji contains two realizations and a deep understanding. The very first part is a realization.

Learning the teachings and making the effort to live by the principles is important.
Relying on knowledge without wisdom brings forth a kokoro that is consumed and not abiding by the path.
This is the reason why there are so many problems, sufferings and uncertainty.

This part helps bring  your attention to what you must realize now. If you are in a midst of a problem or any uncertainty, this is exactly what you need to learn about yourself today.
If you are searching for that light at the end of the tunnel, the effort to learn the teachings and the effort to live by the principles are needed. In other words, the lack of learning is the reason why you don’t see your shortcomings that lead you off the right path and creating problem on its own.
To further explain, Kami said; Relying on knowledge without wisdom brings forth a kokoro that is consumed and not abiding by the path.  The world is flooded with people’s opinions, knowledge, and information. And there is no way to avoid seeing or hearing that in our society today. But as said in this phrase of the Shinji, if your kokoro is consumed, you might rush yourself into doing something, or move toward a direction where your excessive greed leads you.  And what this means, is that it will take you into a direction that is off the track and completely wrong for you. This is what happens when your kokoro goes off the path. And this is the reason why many people have problems, suffer, and live with uncertainty.  

There are so many different views, opinions, pros and cons to everything. For instance, some people would say to take in a good amount of water to stay healthy, while there is an opinion where too much intake is not good. Then what is right and what should we believe? If there are more information and sides to an issue, it is impossible to find out what exactly is the right answer—it could be very confusing and misleading.

In situations like this, how does your kokoro move?  
Do you have the kokoro to see the right things in all the information and knowledge that are out there and choose what is right for you? There are so many situations in which our choices may be misled by all the noises we hear. To see the right choices and make the right decisions for you, you need to learn the principles and have a firm foundation from the teachings of what is important and what should be your priorities in life.

The next part is another realization.

To the Shinja
Do you deeply understand the workings of the world—how your kokoro ought to be?
As you see the truth that the world revolves around unmei-jittai, all people will seek Kami and entrust their worries to Kami.
If you learn the teachings correctly and do not forget to kigan, your kokoro will naturally anchor and the feelings to go off the path will vanish away.
Shinja must realize the kokoro that will experience salvation through miracles and focus to live today by the teachings.

The first realization was to see the lack in learning of the teachings on our part. And the next is to realize the workings of the world. The working of the world is the truth that the world revolves around unmei-jittai. Whether it is every person’s life, or the movement of society, we must understand that it is all a result of the mergence of unmei-jittai. The mergence could result in a coalesce, or it could cause division at times. But that is how the world made its move forward throughout time. Therefore, you must understand the workings of the world, focus on correcting your jittai that will help you merge with the unmei of others. And this is how your kokoro ought to be

Jittai is revealed in your perception, your feelings, and your views. How does your kokoro move facing the situation right in front of you today?
Does your kokoro say; “This has no profit for me, I shouldn’t get involved,” “I despise their actions.” “I should sue them.”  However, these thoughts and feelings tend to bring you into a wrong direction going off the path. A kokoro that sees things only based on gains and losses, blaming others, or hatred does not produce harmony in any situation. And this becomes your loss and produces worries and anxiety on your side because you go off the path.

If you learn the teachings correctly, you will start to see yourself clearly; your good points as well as your flaws. The important thing is to identify your shortcomings because it leads you to the correct kigan. For example; “I tend to blame other people…” “I worry ahead too much” “I cannot seem to let go my past feelings.” Kigan is to ask Kami to suppress these shortcomings that have the tendency to direct you into problems and unwanted worries.

As you correct the movement of your kokoro, your kokoro will naturally anchor and the feelings to go off the path will vanish away. The greatest miracle of all is to see your shortcomings suppressed and your kokoro changed. These changes of your kokoro needs to be experienced first to experience the miracles that change the consequences.

For instance, even a person who had always been blaming others and crashing with his own colleagues, and unable to work with people, can change their personalities by offering kigan to suppress his shortcomings. The more the awareness is headed towards the direction of harmony, you will be trusted from your boss, perhaps be endorsed to manage a big project—good things like this would start to happen. Therefore, learn the teachings to see how you can correct yourself, and make the effort to experience salvation through miracles and focus to live today by the teachings.


The last part is the deep understanding.

The teachings will give awareness to the kokoro of shinja and elevate their life to days with deep understandings.
The more life is lived according to the path of principles, human beings can live their life one with their unmei.
This one principle is teaching the kokoro of how it should be in the age of Shinkon.

The teachings are what open your eyes and give you awareness and elevate your life to days with deep understandings. A person with the deep understanding is someone who can naturally think according to the teachings of the path. And once you reach that point where the teachings come natural to you, your life will definitely be elevated.

The more life is lived according to the path means to make the teachings part of how you live. And the more you will do this, your kokoro will anchor and can live life one with your unmei. This is a way of life attained by a person who has manifested Kibō no Michi.  You will naturally think along your parameters and therefore be able to live with certainty, living one with your unmei.  If there is such a thing as the ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ greed, it is important to have the ‘correct’ greed that does not exceed and go beyond your parameter. And the ‘correct’ greed a person should have is anything related to using your abilities for others and to share it to the rest of the world. In other words, it is the effort and the kokoro to give.

The age of Shinkon is an age where the path for salvation is all set. So therefore, if you can live by the teachings, Kibō no Michi will be manifested most definitely under the protection of Shinkon.  It is an age where anyone can experience great blessings, but it could also be understood as an age that without manifesting Kibō no Michi—getting the protection from Kami—you will be consumed by your own jittai as well as the jittai of the times. That is why you must learn the teachings repeatedly and make the teachings as your wisdom and elevate yourself. And this is how it should be in the age of Shinkon.