Kigansai Shinji (The New Year Shinji 2018)

Let me teach you about the theme for the coming year.
It is important to strive to learn the teachings as a family and practice them as a family.
Humanity will begin to accept the changes of the times and will understand the truth about living and adapting to the flow of an era.
Those, who learn the Shinji (principles), will increasingly experience the worth of the principles and will be saved.

As unmei-jittai come together and at times collide, harmony is maintained and this world flows.
The existence of all living creatures is allowed to live a finite life to become an era.
Humanity, unable to perceive the truth about era and history, believe that human beings create the times.
This is why society is divided and disordered.

Try to learn the teachings Kami has given to the world through Shisha and make use of them.
Your emotions will gradually anchor and your kokoro will not be overwhelmed by the flow of a society created by people.
Your living environment will stabilize, and the kokoro to give back to the world will harmonize society.
Society will increasingly continue to separate into light and darkness; and the way life is lived will be widely divided.
The shinja must gain an understanding of the teachings, know what the true form of society is, and must strive to live by the principles.
The principles will brighten the kokoro of the shinja and guide them to an environment of hopes and dreams.
They will gain understanding of the truth about the spiritual world and live a life that merges with their unmei.

Humanity will now go back to the simple form for all things as they seek a life rooted in the principles.
Politics and economics were also originally knowledge created within an existence in sync with the power of nature.
But, having forgotten the principles and engulfed in a kokoro mired in irrationality, a society was created that neglected “the path.”
With lowered jittai and society’s anxiety and confusion having reached their utmost limits, the power of nature will gradually return society to one of harmony.
Strive to be the shinja who lives by the teachings in a bright and fulfilling environment.


Main Points of the Kigansai Shinji for 2018

Kami informs us that “It is important to strive to learn the teachings as a family and practice them as a family.”This is the theme for the coming year, and it is also a continuation of last year’s theme. When we learn Kami’s teachings and adjust the way we feel and accept people and situations in our lives for the better, we’re able to live a life that merges with our unmei. When the teachings begin to be a part of each family member, suggestions and advice that come out of harmonious family discussions are right and to the point. Thus, we begin to live a way of life that is led by our unmei. The world is overflowing with information and knowledge. Among the many ideas out there, it’s difficult to tell what information is true. To keep ourselves from being overwhelmed by the flow of a society that has no principles, we need to learn and make use of the teachings as a family.

The times will continue to change on a large scale, but Kami informs us that the world is headed in the direction of harmony and balance. Having predicted the changes that have been occurring over many months and years, Kami informs us we are now at a turning point.  Nature and the world will gradually begin to change over a long period of time that lies ahead of us. What we must do is to accept the changes around us and to adapt to the flow of the times. Let each of us strive toward harmony and balance within a changing environment based on a fundamental way to live as human beings.