Kigansai Shinji (The New Year Shinji)

January 1, 2019
Kigansai  (Last Updated; Jan. 23, 2019)

Strive to be the shinja, who deepens their learning each day of the teachings Kami has given to the world (society) through Shisha and who understands the principles. There is truth to a humanity and a world that is harmonized. But, the kokoro (emotions) of people lack stability and go off and against the path, led by knowledge born of greed. Modern society flows in the direction of deceit.
The present is about to go beyond its limits, and society will experience the power (unmei) of the times and begin to undergo great change in Kami’s hands.
The power of society to change is great; and understanding to live supported by the principles is needed.
Reality without principles will completely disappear.
What will remain will harmonize.
To the Shinja
The stronger is the will to learn the teachings as a family and to strive to create a family that lives by the principles, human beings will gain the strength to perceive the truths in society. The teachings will help them to perceive society’s distortions and deceit and foster human beings who will walk the right path.
Ask yourself. Do you try to live by the principles, knowing how to draw out the strengths of your unmei? Learn the principles about the right path with the family and make the effort with family members to deepen relationships the right way. Conversations will gradually increase, and it will be a family where the unmei comes together, and is supportive. The kokoro (life) will not be overwhelmed by the changes of the times and it will live and move with the flow of the times.
Keep in mind, as society harmonizes, the truths, as they should be, will begin to be perceived—live life (kokoro) supported by the teachings. Your kokoro will always be protected and your life will be greatly elevated.
Confidence, pride, and gratitude for a life that lives in the era of Shinkon will be attained.