Shinji (January 2019)

January 4, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Human beings do not have the power to predict the future; they can only envision and project.
Humanity sees the power of science as absolute, not knowing the strength (existence) to depend on the truth.
Herein lies the reason why society deepens in doubt and confusion, dependent on knowledge without principles; thus, it agonizes and suffers.
It is the power (unmei) of the times created by natural forces that has led to a system of learning and brought awareness about science. Human beings, who realize this truth, will move with the flow of the times and live by the principles.
To the Shinja
Strive to learn the teachings Kami has shown the world (society) through Shisha and strive to understand the principles. When the teachings are learned and the more society (its workings) are perceived, life will be reflected as enjoyable in the kokoro.
Do you know why the world will now connect and move in a large way? It is not due to the power of politics and economies. The power (unmei) of an age that seeks the “right” relations is moving in the search for happiness and stability. What the shinja must try to do now is to learn the teachings and strive to become the human being who lives by the principles. Then you will know without hesitation, the direction you should walk.


January 15, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Learn the teachings and have the awareness to see the truth about society through the principles.
The human kokoro anchors the more this awareness becomes a part of you, and it is not overwhelmed by the changes in the environment.
But, because human beings see society focused on what they know from knowledge they have learned, truth and falsehood are intermixed, creating confusion and insecurity in life.
To the Shinja
Try to live each day in a life rooted in the teachings. Emotions will anchor and you will see clearly your life and the life of others. Impatience will no longer arise; and you will live a life centered on giving back. The strengths of your unmei will be increasingly drawn out within the power (unmei) of the times. The best will be made of the people and things encountered, and you will have relationships based on mutual help and support.
Human beings cannot exist alone.
Understand this truth and live by the teachings. And you will perceive how you are involved and what you must do. All human beings, who live guided by their unmei, live their lives supported by the principles.


January 23, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

The kokoro (unmei-jittai) of all living creatures come together to form an axis in this world.
There are many human beings who do not know this truth (principle) and live without seeing the true nature of all things in the belief that knowledge is absolute. This is why (the cause) society is in turmoil and ununified. Having forgotten about the true nature of things and to make the best of them, ignorant of the existence of the power (unmei) of the times, the ideas and knowledge created by a materialistic society increasingly lack principles. Human beings, who live in modern society, are unable to make the best of their encounters and vie with one another, leaving society in chaos.
To the Shinja
Learn the teachings and have the kokoro to make the best of people and things that exist. The strengths of your unmei will be drawn out and encounters that mutually make the best of intrinsic qualities will form. Knowledge will increasingly become teachings rooted in principles. That is when society will begin to show unity. The society, in which human beings live, will gain an understanding of the principles; and the truth will evolve.


The Main Points of the Shinji for January 2019

This month’s theme is about achieving understanding about the principles.
Kami has pointed out that “Human beings do not have the power to predict the future…”
For example, although the weather, the movement of the economy, the human lifespan can be predicted to a certain extent, the accuracy of such predictions is not a hundred percent because they are based on past experience or data. Despite this fact, humanity sees the power of science as absolute, and knowledge and effort as the solution to all our problems—this is what creates troubles, suffering, confusion and doubt. However, the flow of the world is now moving away from a reality that has gone too far and it is shifting back to what it should be.
What should we do as human beings fated to live in this era? It is to learn Kami’s teachings and to live a way of life that abides by the path. Kami teaches us that when we learn the teachings, we’re better able to perceive society’s distortions and how we should be; and our kokoro will experience the joys of living.
The world is now moving on a large scale in its search for the way things should be. Human beings are searching for happiness and stability, exploring and seeking out the right way to interact with one another on a global scale. Thus, what we must strive to do is to learn from Kami the right way to interact with others and make these teachings a part of ourselves. When we learn and try to live by the principles, we will know with certainty the direction we should walk; and as a result, we achieve stability in our happiness. Thus, do not take Kami’s teachings as simply knowledge, but strive to live a way of life based on the teachings.