Shinji (June 2019)

June Main Shinji

All human beings are born into, live, and leave behind evidence of their life in their kokoro no michi when it comes to an end.
The encounter between a man and a woman binds and brings together the kokoro of two families as ties to their kokoro no michi grow ever more deeply.
Human beings, who know the truth about the soul that is reborn through the power of Myōsei, will perceive the sacredness of life and what they must leave behind in their kokoro no michi.

To the Shinja
Why is it necessary for the kokoro of the family to come together and live in mutual support?
Everything about your kokoro in this life remains as a foundation of your kokoro no michi. Kami places a soul in each person at the time of their birth based on this kokoro no michi.
Knowing the truth about life, it is now the time for human beings to learn the teachings as a family, and the time to create a home that lives by the principles.
The unmei of the family that lives by the principles merges, complements, and raises the jittai (enlightenment).
Human beings leave behind good elements of their kokoro no michi within a family that prospers when the right relationships between family members and relatives are created.


June 15, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

The source of happiness is a family in harmony.
Be the person (human being) who understands this one principle.
Do you know why it is important (the truth) to live each day with a calm kokoro?
The strengths of the unmei are brought out when the jittai is elevated.
Human beings walk the right path when their kokoro is calm.
A person’s kokoro anchors in a family where the unmei comes together and there is mutual support. The jittai is increasingly corrected and the unmei of each family member is honed.
Herein lies the worth of a family.
To the Shinja
The more the teachings are learned as a family, the more the kokoro (emotions) of family members come together and conversation deepens. The kokoro (love) to be considerate of one another is gradually fostered and a life is lived guided by the unmei.
This is a family that brings out the strengths of the unmei.
Continue the effort to learn the teachings and practice the principles as a family. The human kokoro anchors and the kokoro of what it is to be human grows.
The human being is made whole when the relationship with family members deepens.
Know this principle and live by the teachings.


June 23, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Know that the basis of the kokoro (life) is when the six elements of happiness are fulfilled.
Learn the teachings as you seek the key to achieving a life without regrets. You will gradually begin to perceive what is fundamental in a family and concern (love) for your family members will grow.
Why is it important to learn the teachings as a family and to strive and create a family that lives by the principles?
The more you live by the teachings as a family knowing that this world is fated to move according to the unmei-jittai, the kokoro (unmei) of the people who live in that family anchors and their jittai is elevated.
When human beings know and live their life according to the “right path,” the jittai is corrected and the unmei is honed.
Herein lies the truth why the kokoro must strive.
To the Shinja
Make the effort to create a family that interacts based on the teachings. Conversations between family members will grow; and as love is given, mutual interaction and support will foster.
The more human beings learn the teachings and raise their jittai, they will live by love that is true.
To approach the kokoro of Kami, live your life supported by the teachings.
As you look back on your life in the time of autumn, it will coalesce as a life journey that shines brightly.


The Main Points of the Shinji for June 2019
Although life is finite, the way each person lives their life is succeeded by their descendants. This is why it’s all the more important not to neglect and to cherish the present—to be aware of the kind of ties that should be left behind in your family.
If we live our life in the right way, that sense of our kokoro’s worth is passed down from child to grandchild as a good element. Unfortunately, the negative as well as the good elements are passed down. Thus, we must strive to leave behind as much of the good as we can by living with the awareness that we’re all alike—we’re all in the same boat—and to meet our responsibilities, and to refrain from being self-centered and egotistic.
While it’s important to cherish the kokoro no michi of a family that is passed down vertically from parent to child to grandchild, we should also strive to appreciate our horizontal ties, beginning with family members and moving on to everyone with whom we have connections. As a result, we leave behind good elements in our kokoro no michi. Kami sees each soul’s kokoro no michi at the time of their rebirth and sends them into this world based on what Kami sees. As a result, the unmei that is given to us at this time is much more elevated than in our previous life. An elevated unmei signifies that we will be loved by and useful to many more people than in our present life.
If we have the right relationship with our family, we’re able to have the right ties to everyone throughout society. This allows each person’s existence to have meaning and purpose in society. Thus, learn the teachings as a family and strive to maintain harmony in the home.