Shinji (March 2019)

March Main Shinji

Why is the world environment presently undergoing great changes? Why are many natural disasters occurring? Can you see the truth why this is happening?
The world is experiencing the power (unmei) of the times—inconceivable by humanity—that is creating a flow. But, human beings, experiencing the changes created by the natural environment, cope by systematizing them as science. And what remains becomes history.
To the Shinja
Learn the teachings; and what is needed is the effort to understand the principles so that regrets do not remain in your life. Subjected to the power of the times and environment, the best will be made of the strengths of your unmei. There are principles in the way all living creatures exist in the natural world. Be the human being, who sincerely accepts the strengths of the unmei that guide you and gives back based on past experience.
Human beings do not have the power (ability) to foresee the future.
The human being, who truly understands this principle, will be liberated from a kokoro (emotions) that lives by the ego and will live in a world of the nonego.
This is the human being who lives in paradise.


March 15, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Know the workings of this world and live by the teachings.
This is the human being whose life is guided by their unmei.
But, there are many people who do not know the truth about merging with the strength (movement) of their unmei and depend on knowledge and effort, and lower their jittai, only to be consumed by the power (unmei) of the times.
To the Shinja
Do you know why there are human beings, who are accepting of their lives and experience meaning and purpose, and human beings who deny life and despise themselves?
The cause does not lie in the workings of a society created by human beings.
Human beings are overconfident in humanity’s strength (existence) and depend on effort; and their kokoro is consumed by knowledge because they do not understand the truth (principles) that the era is leading the environment and moving toward harmony. They gradually forget and lose the kokoro to cooperate and harmonize with others, creating positions high and low that spawn discrimination. They increasingly go against the times; and unable to cope with the changes in the environment, they suffer.
This is an era when Kami corrects life using the principles so that enlightenment is gained from the teachings given to the world (society) through Shisha.
Together with the power (unmei) of the times, life is honed and you will become the human being (existence) who guides society on the right path.


March 23, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Do you realize that society today is undergoing a great change?
By experiencing environmental change that cannot be dealt by knowledge alone, humanity has begun to reassess the power of faith and to seek out principles in faith.
This is not about the religions created by human beings.
Human beings have begun to sense a hidden power in the truth shown and taught to humanity through the power of nature. This is the very power of an unmei—a flow, which the power of the times possesses.
Human beings have forgotten to live with the power of nature, and they believe they can change the world through the power of science without looking to the flow of the times.
The world will return to what it should be, as the power (unmei) of the times presently corrects this flaw.
Shinja will be saved when they learn the teachings and gain understanding of the principles. The power of the times will draw close with compassion, as their unmei come together and complement. Now is truly the time for human beings to know the existence of Kami and to live in an era with the right faith.


The Main Points of the Shinji for March 2019
There is an endless amount of information and knowledge that inundates the society in which we live. Society is rife with criticism and opinions about politics, the economy, and current events; and the views of pundits and experts tend to be believed as sound and right; and this has only added to the noise and confusion.
What we need to do now is to learn the teachings, to deepen our understanding, and to adopt ways of thinking that are rooted in the principles. If we are unable to do this, we will be consumed by the flow of change. What is being asked of each of us today is to strive to become the person who is able to live a way of life based on common sense and to be able to do this naturally.
Kami has clearly stated that aspects of our reality, which are contrary to the principles, will begin to disappear one by one as the environment regains balance and harmony. This is why it’s all the more important for our kokoro to be balanced and anchored. In other words, it is to have a kokoro that treats nature and all things with humility, without arrogance or pride, and to live with the ability to see people and situations with integrity. It is to have the conviction to never inflict on others the negative things that were done to you. It is to live a way of life that shares and gives back the happiness that comes into your life. If you truly understand this principle, you will free yourself of the kokoro to be egotistical and to treasure others. This is the way to live in paradise now.