Shinji (August 2019)

August Main Shinji


Let me teach you the significance of why Shinji Kyōkai exists in this world (society) today.

An era moves when the unmei-jittai comes together and is enhanced—this structure of the world is immutable.

Human beings, who understand this truth (principle), will seek to find the kokoro of what it is to be human.

But, understanding about the principles of life cannot be gained from human experience and awareness.

Through Shisha, Kami teaches the principles to humanity and fosters people who live lives that merge with their unmei.

In Kami’s hands, society will harmonize and evolve in an environment of mutual support where the unmei comes together. 

Live and feel the changes and the flow of an era.

Human beings, who realize how immense the power (unmei) of nature is, will seek out Kami without fail.

They will learn the teachings and perceive life’s truths (principles) and will begin to  live a life of wisdom.

Understand the truth (principles) about Kibō no Michi and strive to be the shinja that makes the best of life.

This effort will elevate the shinja’s kokoro (jittai) and bring out each person’s sense of self-worth.

This is the time to try and become the human being, who lives by the principles, and to know the worth of a church where there is Shinji.

The more human beings live with a kokoro of gratitude, the jittai will elevate and shine.



August 15, 2019

Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai


All human beings are in the hands of Kami and they are born to experience the true joys of living by giving back to the world (society).

But, unable to make the best of the strengths (truths) of their unmei and ignorant of Kami’s existence, they live believing that knowledge is absolute.

They have forgotten the kokoro to live in the spiritual world and have sought to develop society through materialism.

Turmoil in society increasingly deepens, and life’s truths, principles cannot be perceived.

To the Shinja

Strive to learn the principles Kami reveals through Shisha and deepen your understanding.

The kokoro of the shinja will anchor and the ability (insight) is gained to accurately perceive the truth.

The more human beings who live their lives guided by their unmei increases, society will stabilize and harmonize.

If you learn the teachings as a family and live in a harmonious family, all human beings will live in a time of many joys and enjoyment as their unmei comes together and is enhanced.

The human being who experiences a life of meaning and purpose through their Kibō no Michi, will know the worth of a family that lives by the teachings.

Their Kokoro no Michi is passed on and good elements are left behind in their family as their life comes to an end.


August 23, 2019

Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai


Today (now), humanity is able to directly connect with Shinkon through their unmei-jittai in the path of salvation that the two Shisha, Tomomarusai and Tomomaruhime, walked.

Humanity has entered an age when the light (path) is accessed as the path is abided by.

To the Shinja

Realize how worthy and great is your unmei, learn the teachings as a family, bring your unmei together and strive to live.

If the teachings become your support in life, all human beings will experience the power (unmei) of the times and live a life where their hopes and dreams are increasingly fulfilled.

The truth that you must realize and understand now is to elevate your jittai.

The world is unable to make the best of the unmei’s strength due to the lowness of its jittai; knowledge without principle corrupts the kokoro, and suffering and delusion deepen.

The source of happiness is a family in harmony.

In a family that lives by the principles, the human unmei-jittai is honed and human beings, who are able to guide society on the right path, are fostered.

In an age where kaiun is granted, now is the time (age) to walk the path of the shinja with the right kokoro.



The Main Points of the Shinji for August 2019


This world revolves around the unmei-jittai. The unmei is a precious gift given to each of us to be useful in the world. It is the source of what it means to live a life of meaning and purpose. To bring out our unmei, it is essential to improve our  jittai. To improve our jittai, we must learn the teachings as a family and elevate the way we feel and accept people and things, as well as the way we think and live.
Kami gives us the principles through Shisha and guides us to live a way of life that merges with our unmei.  Through Tomomarusai Sensei and Tomomaruhime Sensei, the path to salvation was completed and now, the Shinji and principles are revealed to us through Tomomarukō Sensei so that each of us can walk the path of Kibō no Michi. If we faithfully practice these teachings, our jittai will improve without fail and our unmei is honed. Our ability to access Kibō no Michi is assured and we live lives that merge with our unmei.
Kami teaches us what is now needed based on the flow of the times. Thus, it’s important to live and sense the changes of the times.
Be aware that the worth of this church lies in the Shinji that it receives; therefore, let’s strive to live a way of  life that  abides by the principles. Let’s make the best of our existence in this world and be grateful that we’re alive, that we’re protected by  Shinkon,  and that we’re able to learn the principles.