Shinji (April 2019)

April Main Shinji

To live a life without regrets, it is important for human beings to live in a family where there is conversation. The unmei of each family member is honed and the jittai is modified when each person supports the family knowing their place and responsibilities based on the principle of the six basic elements of happiness.
To the Shinja
Is your family making the effort to come together?
The kokoro of human beings anchor in a family where their unmei come together, and the hardships in life do not occur; but in a society that depends totally on knowledge without principles, the kokoro of a family may occasionally lose sight of and go against the principles, thereby incurring troubles.
During such times, the wisdom that brings the kokoro of a family in suffering back on the right path is the teachings of Kami. The kokoro of Kami resides in a family environment where members learn the teachings.
No matter how much time (an era) passes and family conditions change, the power of the unmei will guide the kokoro of family members to a life without regrets.
Because the power (unmei) of the present era is undergoing great change, it is all the more important for shinja to have the kokoro (determination) to live their lives supported by the teachings.


April 15, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Life is lived through the kokoro (unmei-jittai)—this is a principle about life (existence).
Human beings, who live a life without regrets, live by the principles and their life merges with their unmei. Thus, let Kami teach you how to live a life that merges with your unmei.
Learn the teachings as a family and create a family that lives by the principles. The human kokoro (unmei) is honed in a harmonious family, and the jittai is gradually altered. This is the fundamental (environment) of how education should be.
Today (the present), human beings believe science is absolute and they attempt to understand all of existence through knowledge. This is why human beings go against the path and lose their way in life.
To the Shinja
Learn the teachings and try to see the changes in society through the principles and not through experience and knowledge. You will perceive the power (unmei) of the times that control the kokoro of human beings. That power merges with the unmei-jittai of each shinja and guides society on the right path. The people of the world simply do not realize it.


April 23, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Do you know what people (human beings) live for in their life?
Many live relying on things; their kokoro is consumed by greed; they stray and go against the path; and in due course, they suffer and lose their way.
To the Shinja
Keep in mind the following.
Know the truth that this world (society) revolves as the unmei-jittai comes together.
When the strengths of the unmei become the mainstay of life, all human beings experience meaning and purpose, and the kokoro (emotion) to live and give back is drawn out. The movement of the kokoro increasingly anchors; and supported by many encounters, the worth of things becomes meaningful.
There is only one thing that you must do to live a life guided by your unmei. Learn the teachings as a family and strengthen family connections based on the principles. Conversations in the family and with relatives will increase and a family in harmony will be created.
The human kokoro (unmei-jittai) is honed in this kind of environment, and human beings, who merge with their unmei, are fostered.
Because there are many people in society today who live a life without any principles, they are unable to draw out the strengths of their unmei and they cannot act in a way that merges with it.
Learn the teachings because they protect the human kokoro (life) and guide it on the right path.



The Main Points of the Shinji for April 2019
Kami continues to tell us repeatedly to create a family that abides by the principles.
We live in a society that is flooded with information; and there is a tendency for us to lose sight of what is the truth and what is important. For example, there are biases in what is reported by the mass media as well as a strong tendency toward subjectivity rather than objectivity. That’s why it’s all the more important to stand on firm ground and to keep the foundation of our family strong in the midst of a chaotic society. When the teachings are continuously learned as a family, we build relationships that abide by the principles—in other words, our ties grow strong in the right way through our conversations within the family. When we achieve this, the movement of our kokoro anchors, we correctly perceive what is happening around us; and we make the right decisions.
It is essential that the teachings become our mainstay in life. Creating a family based on the principles cannot be described in a word, but it is very important. Therefore, let us live and move with the flow based on a firm understanding of this truth.