Shinji (May 2019)

May Main Shinji

Kami is giving the world (society) the principles through Shisha.
The environment (human society) stabilizes and evolves when it lives and moves with the flow and does not resist the power (unmei) of the times. Human beings, who learn the principles and make the best of them, will unify society and guide it on the right path.
Today, the era is greatly changing the flow to return the movement of the world (society) to one in accordance with the principles.
Shinja, who know this truth, must learn the teachings as a family and strive to live by the principles. This endeavor protects the life of the shinja against misfortune and adversity.
Keep in mind the following.
The changes in the era will give rise to great transformations.
These are times (an era) to live by the principles so that your life is not consumed by the changes.
The principles will unify the kokoro (unmei) of family members and strengthen the conviction to support one another. The more the kokoro of the family merges, the human kokoro (life) anchors and the kokoro to go off the path disappears.
This is the human being (family) who experiences miracles and is protected by Kami.


May 15, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

The more the kokoro (human beings) live by the teachings, the human kokoro anchors and doubts disappear.
The more the unmei-jittai of all come together in this world, it harmonizes and flows.
The Shinji, the principles, draw out the kokoro (emotions) in human beings to embrace all with integrity.
To the Shinja
Make the effort to deepen your understanding through the teachings; do not accept without question the information and knowledge of the world (society) that you see and hear. Your emotions will anchor; and you will see the truth of everything thoroughly and without haste.
All things have a jittai; human beings are able to have the right encounters when their involvement is based on the teachings. Herein lies the significance (worth) of learning the teachings and abiding by the principles.
Human beings lack the ability to see and respond to the complete truth of all things. When you live supported by the teachings, the kokoro come together, complement, and society moves on the right path. Know the worth of the teachings; now is the time for shinja to create families that live by the teachings.


May 23, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

All human beings must learn the teachings and understand the principles to live out a life without regrets.
However, many people, steeped in greed, live without integrity.
This is the reason why human beings go off “the path,” and the world (society) is in chaos.
Politics and education cannot foster human beings, who follow the “right path,” and change the environment for the better.
To the Shinja
All human beings, guided by the strengths of their unmei and jittai, live within a finite period of time (life).
And as evidence of their life, they leave behind their jittai in their kokoro no michi and wait until the time (era) they are born again.
Human beings, who live in a family where the teachings are followed, are able to bring their unmei together, complement, mutually support and improve their jittai.
This is how important it is to live out each day by the principles.
Kami has given all people and all of creation the power to guide society on the right path.
People, who are in suffering, are bewildered, and whose lives do not merge with their unmei, will realize the lowness of their jittai and be saved.
Today, when the light (path) comes through, is the time (era) to live with a kokoro that is supported by the teachings.


The Main Points of the Shinji for May 2019

To experience salvation, we must live by the teachings. We must elevate our way of life and become the person who is able to have the right relationships with everyone. This is what it means to live a way of life rooted in wisdom. When we learn the Shinji, we’re able to perceive situations and events accurately. As a result, we are conscious of the flow of the times and the way we live our way of life is based on wisdom.
Kami states in the Shinji above, “The changes in the era will give rise to great transformations.”
To prevent being overwhelmed by these changes, it’s important to look at society through Kami’s teachings. When a multitude of changes in the environment take place, there is anxiety and confusion; and people tend to overthink the situation. The more we think too long and hard, the more we are unable to see solutions. We also make the wrong decisions. This is why Kami teaches us to live a way of life rooted in simplicity.
The most important element is for the family to live by the principles, which ensures a life without misfortune. When we face difficulties, we will know what needs to be done; and this leads to a good outcome. Knowing the principles sustains us throughout our life.
When our family’s kokoro comes together based on the principles, the kokoro anchors making it possible to experience miraculous results because we abide by the path. The positive and the miraculous are what protects the way our kokoro moves.