Shinji (July 2019)

July Main Shinji

Kami reveals the teachings to the world (society) through Shisha.
All people (human beings) will live a life guided by their unmei when they correct their unmei-jittai knowing the principle about life—it moves according to the unmei-jittai.
As the number of people, who live merged with their unmei grows, society will stabilize and an enjoyable life filled with many joys will be lived guided by the power (unmei) of the times.
To the Shinja
Strive to be the shinja who lives their life learning the teachings and understanding the principles. The movement of the kokoro will anchor and accidents and disasters will not occur.
The power of the unmei will protect your life and bring out movement of the kokoro to make the best of your ties to people and things.
Society will continue to increasingly change in form, moved by the power (unmei) of the times.
The teachings will protect the life of the shinja.
When you live by the teachings, the power of the unmei will merge, augment and create a life filled with many joys.


July 15, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

All the teachings that Kami has revealed to the world (society) are principles.
Of the ideas that people, who live in the present, see as knowledge that is the norm, many are without principles (teachings).
This is the reason why society is in turmoil and people are lost.
To the Shinja
Learn the teachings, make them your life’s foundation, and try living your life.
The kokoro will anchor and your doubts will disappear.
When human beings live by the principles, their kokoro will move guided by their unmei. Thus, you are not consumed by avarice and your thoughts will move toward what you must do. You will have objective in your life and you will evolve into a person with an unwavering spirit.
The hopes and dreams in life are fulfilled when the unmei is honed and the more the jittai is elevated.
Strive to be the shinja, who lives by the teachings and whose kokoro (life) is sustained by this one principle.
There will be new encounters that will strengthen and fill your life with meaning and purpose.
Human beings, who understand this principle and live in a society that is undergoing major changes, will live out a life without regrets in the hands of Kami.


July 23, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

All human beings, who attain a life without regrets, are living a life guided by their unmei.
But, human beings who attain kaiun are few, many lower their jittai and their lives come to an end having wasted away their unmei.
This is why society is in turmoil, the best cannot be made of the ties to others, and there is suffering and distress. Though it relies on knowledge, ideas, and effort, it will know the powerlessness and the limitations to knowledge in the face of nature’s power (unmei). Society, unable to cope, will deepen in confusion.
To the Shinja 
Be aware of the existence of a power (unmei) that moves the world. 
The basis of knowledge was not created by humanity.
Humanity was born in the flow of prehistoric times; and as they began to be aware of the power (unmei) of nature, they simply organized this awareness as knowledge and consolidated it.
If life is based on knowledge without principles, there will be no kaiun.
When the teachings are learned and understanding deepens, all people (human beings) will live a life guided by their unmei.
On the last day of life, their Shinjitsu no Michi will have been attained.


The Main Points of the Shinji for July 2019

As the world undergoes great changes, we must live a way of life based on the principles to avoid being overwhelmed. If we live a way of life that abides by the principles, we’re able to interact and build ties with many people and things as we try to correct our jittai and make the best of our unique unmei. Kami’s protection becomes all the more greater as the teachings are learned as a family and we make the effort to practice them.

When we lose sight of the principles, we tend to make mistakes in the way we perceive people and situations, we begin to insist on our rights, or we become driven by self-interest. But, the more we begin to understand the teachings, our kokoro and perceptions begin to change. The kokoro becomes anchored, and accidents and disasters are less prone to occur.

Kami’s teachings give us insights on how we should interact with different people and things. Kami teaches us to value the kokoro of others and not to inflict hurt through prejudice, criticism, or disputes. If we live by the teachings, regardless of the environment we may find ourselves in, our unmei will come together with the unmei of others, and potential friction and disputes will not occur.

Kami informs us that “Society will continue to increasingly change in form…” The teachings that Kami reveals to us through Shisha are what will protect the life of each person. When we live by the teachings, our unmei comes together with the unmei of others and it is enhanced to create joy and happiness. Life changes greatly for the better; and we live a life of many joys.