Shinji (February 2019)

February Main Shinji

All things have a given form (truth).
Harmony is created when the truths merge and there is mutual support. But, human beings misconstrue freedom and rights; and without seeing the truth, they believe that discrimination is distinction. The forms and patterns woven by nature are truly harmonious and grounded in truth.
To the Shinja
Do you understand what truth is?
The teachings that Kami has given to the world (society) through Shisha are truly the truths. They teach what the kokoro should be (the truths) as a human being.
The more human beings there are, who learn the teachings and understand the principles, the more society will stabilize and return to a state where the truths that should be harmonize.
No matter how much human beings strive to learn knowledge and construct logic, knowledge without principles in the face of truth will be buried and disappear within an era.
This is the time (era) for shinja to seek harmony that is truthful, to learn the teachings, and strive to live by the principles.


February 15, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Humanity has forgotten the existence of Kami; and it has exploited Kami at times and built societies rooted in knowledge and effort. As a result, it has relied on knowledge without principles, coloring society in hues of insincerity and indifference.
Keep in mind the following.
Achieve awareness through the teachings; and the endeavor to bring society closer to the principles harmonizes the world and returns it to an environment that revolves around the coming together and enhancement of all unmei.
There are principles in the truths that history has left behind. But, there as yet very few people, who are able to make the best of the experience appropriately and to draw out the kokoro to understand and learn from the past, due to greed.
To the Shinja
Make the effort to learn the teachings as a family, to draw out the strengths of the unmei, and to build a family that hones the kokoro.
The greater the number of human beings, who live their lives guided by their unmei, the more society will stabilize and an environment that harmonizes will permeate deeply.


February 23, 2019
Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Learn the teachings and see (the state of) the world for what it is. There are many people who are unable to grasp the principles; and ideas clash and fan anxiety.
If this situation continues, the world will be steeped in distrust, discontent, and conflict will spread. But, the power (unmei) of the times will move to erase humanity’s turmoil and indecision, and they will disappear; and the world will be restored to an environment of balance. When this occurs, many lives will be consumed by the changes in the environment.
Keep in mind the following.
There is only one thing you must do at present—learn the teachings and strive to live by the principles. Life will continue along with the power (unmei) created by nature and the times. You will live in a society where the thoughts of many people come together, complement and benefit one another.
Learn the teachings now, and what you will perceive is humanity’s kokoro of selfishness and self-indulgence. Live by the teachings and strive to be the human being who will elevate their kokoro.
This is when the kokoro (unmei-jittai) will rise and you will go on to live a life of meaning and purpose that is in Kami’s hands.


The Main Points of the Shinji for February 2019

This year’s theme, as foretold by Kami, is to live based on an understanding of the principles. It is to become someone, who not only learns and gains an awareness of the teachings, but practices them. It is important to strive for harmony and to live with the kokoro that we are all in the same boat.

Kami says, “All things have a given form (truth).” This given form means that all of us have our individual roles, place, and abilities in life. For example, in a family, parents give their love to their children and in turn, the children, who receive this love, live a way of life that returns the love. In the case of a corporation, managers give out the appropriate instructions and their subordinates strive to carry them out to the best of their abilities. Thus, a company thrives. However, human relations that destroy harmony are what create problems. Thus, it is important to learn the teachings, to learn how to connect with people and things, and to live by the truths. When we do this, we are able to make the best of our respective strengths and abilities and to move in the direction of harmony.

Presently, we see a reality where nothing comes together, as everyone advocates their rights and freedom. It does not make sense to do whatever we please at the expense of others because it’s our freedom to do so. Nothing good will result when we are ostracized for our actions because we have the right to do what we like. In other words, freedom and rights do not lead to results when others are not considered.

Harmony does not result despite the strengths of our unmei to be useful in this world. Like the power of nature to harmonize, let's strive to have the kokoro to know our strengths and our role and to harmonize with others. To achieve this, it is important to anchor your kokoro through kigan and to learn the teachings.

As we learn the teachings and they become a part of us, we begin to have control of our emotions, we are able to distinguish what is right and what is wrong, and we gain the ability to perceive ways of thinking that are distorted and a bit off. You begin to perceive how you should be, how you should connect to other people, and how you should behave.

We learn the teachings to acquire a kokoro of love that is needed to become a balanced person who has a positive effect on the society around us. Kami tells us that society will stabilize and return to a state where human beings are able to live in harmony the more the human kokoro becomes balanced.

Love that is the truth—allows us to achieve a balance between love for oneself and love and respect for others, and to live with the kokoro that we’re all in the same boat. This is what allows society to harmonize.