Shinji (July 2018)

July Main Shinji

Be aware that the time you now live is a time (era) of enjoyment.
But, human beings, who live in the present, see only a future without dreams.
Ignorant about the truth of the spiritual world, the kokoro (emotion) to live and enjoy each day does not grow in the kokoro of modern man who relies, as absolute, on knowledge without principles.
To the Shinja
Learn the teachings and strive to be the human being who makes the best of their encounters.
The more you learn, the more the kokoro anchors; and you will become a human being who is able to sincerely accept the kokoro (unmei) of people and things and help to bring it out.
What will be reflected in the kokoro is mutual coexistence, relationships, and rapport.
Sustained by the power (unmei) of the times and the environment, the world will be guided by the natural flow of things and return to the state it should be without the care and attention of mankind.
In this age, when life is lived based on knowledge that create things and situations artificially and through contrivance, the lives of people are entwined in argument; and the truth about life only looks difficult.
Today, the world is led by the power of the unmei; and it will return to a simpler form.
Be the shinja who will live and go with the flow of the world.


July 15, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Human beings, who do not know the principles, try to resolve their problems through knowledge.
Doubt only grows in the kokoro and troubles deepen.
To the Shinja
The more your kokoro (life) lives by the teachings, the movement of the kokoro anchors and emotions will flow smoothly.
Be straightforward about life and live simply.

Life is about seeking harmony within the flow (changes) of an era and ends when the form (environment) changes.

Remember this single principle in your kokoro, and no matter what you do, live by the teachings in your life (kokoro).
In the world today that does not seek out the principles, the unmei-jittai (kokoro) clashes unable to see the right path.
Humanity that relies on knowledge and lives by effort goes beyond the bounds of the principles and comes to an impasse.
This world is in the hands of Kami—it revolves as the kokoro (unmei-jittai) come together in pursuit of harmony.
Kami gives the world the principles so that life can be lived guided by the unmei.
Learn the teachings faithfully; all human beings whose kokoro (life) is supported by the principles will have many encounters and live a life filled with joy, meaning and purpose.


July 23, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Do you know why human beings suffer and do not know what to do?
If human beings live a life merged with their unmei, the kokoro is at peace and they live to give back to the world. No matter how much you rely on knowledge and experience, you cannot foresee your life. That is why you suffer and do not know what to do.
But, if your kokoro is supported by the teachings, the jittai is gradually elevated and you will begin to see the way life, led by the unmei, should be. In that moment of insight, your troubles will come back to you as understanding. If you entrust your kokoro (life) in the hands of Kami and perceive people and things through the teachings, your life will always be filled with gratitude and your encounters will erase the doubts.
Try to have conversations with those whom you trust and seek rapport with all things. Anxiety and doubt will not arise in your kokoro. Be accepting of everything around you and you will be able to become one with the environment.
The principles cannot be seen in today’s environment. Humanity will become increasingly troubled, tormented, and lost. Human beings are connected to each other through Kami and the unmei. Kami’s protection is felt the more your kokoro (life) is supported by the teachings, and it becomes increasingly easier to live.


The Main Points of the Shinji for July 2018
Having been born in this age as a human being, it is a time of enjoyment that has been given to you alone. Many of us, who live in these times, don’t give much thought about being useful to others or giving back to society. The vast majority of people do not know that the structure of this world revolves around the unmei-jittai; and many rely on knowledge without principles. Thus, it’s only natural that the perception of living each day with enjoyment does not occur.
Thus, learn the teachings and how to skillfully make the best of your encounters with people and all other forms of life and things. The more the teachings become a part of us, our kokoro anchors; and we become more accepting of the existence around us and learn to make the best of them. By coming together with the unmei of each person and the existence of other life forms and things, and the more this relationship of mutual coexistence spreads, each day of our life will be filled with a sense of happiness.
Through the flow of time, the world will naturally move in the direction it is meant to go without human contrivance and interference. No matter what occurs, what you experience now will become meaningful within the flow of time. Presently, society relies on knowledge to contrive, maneuver, and scheme; and this has made matters difficult.
If you abide by the path of Kami, Hotoke, Hito no Michi, you will be able to access Kibō no Michi and to live a life guided by your unmei. When you understand the teachings, you will no longer struggle to resolve problems, you will be able to simplify them and make your decisions based on the principles. That’s what it means to live with the flow of the times.