Shinji (February 2018)

February Main Shinji

The kokoro of human beings, who live a life that attains kaiun, makes the best of their encounters.
The unmei with the kokoro to give back, and the more people with whom there is a connection, the resolve to abide by the path is brought out; the kokoro flourishes and human beings, who live with gratitude, are fostered.
Kami gives the world the Shinji and teaches the truths about the unmei.
Human beings, who learn the teachings and know how this world works, will always seek out Kami.
They will gain a deep understanding about the Shinji and the principles; they will hone their unmei and strive to live to correct their jittai.
The more the unmei mutually comes together, the living environment in Kami’s hands stabilizes and all existence harmonizes and is filled with life.
To the Shinja
Strive to learn the teachings as a family and make use of them in relations with family members.
The kokoro of family members will come together ever stronger, and the kokoro of mutual acceptance and support will blossom.
The human kokoro anchors in a family that embraces the teachings; and they become people who will guide society correctly.


February 15, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Look at the flow of the world and the changes.
Do you know why the world is going through such major changes today?
Faced with changes that go beyond its knowledge and experience, humanity is beginning to sense power (existence) that is invisible.
Witnessing changes that cannot be resolved through religion and morality, humanity is seeking principles.
To the Shinja
Having deepened your understanding of the Shinji, the principles, what does your kokoro perceive today?
If the strengths of the unmei can be made use of, all human beings will deepen their encounters with people and things.
Human beings will begin to see the truth that they cannot live if they do not deepen their ties.
The more the teachings are learned, the more the kokoro is protected and anchored; and people become human beings who live to give back.
This world develops when the unmei’s strengths merge in mutual support.
This is called harmony.
The jittai will be greatly modified for the better; and the environment will harmonize and become peaceful.
Let me teach the Shinja.
What you must do today is to learn the teachings.
Do not forget to live by the teachings as a family so that your kokoro (life) is not overwhelmed by the changes (environment).


February 23, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

The meaning of life lies in achieving kaiun.
By knowing and keeping this one principle foremost in their mind, all people (shinja) will live each day and treasure each encounter they have.
This is the life of shinja with the right mindset as they live their kokoro no michi.
The more the teachings are learned, the strengths (the truth) of their unmei will be perceived, and the kokoro to correct the jittai will grow.
All shinja, who live and feel Kami’s protection, are giving back to society through the strengths of their unmei.
The kokoro to give back draws out the strengths of the unmei; and many encounters become the strength to live.
To the Shinja
Do you truly understand the key to achieving a life without regrets?
The more human beings live by the teachings, their unmei come together and the kokoro moves toward mutual support.
Understanding of the teachings grows stronger, and they strive to correct and elevate their jittai.
Do you know why the world is unable to exist in harmony?
Many human beings depend on a society without principles, unable to see the truth about knowledge and effort.
Now is the time for shinja to learn the teachings; and they must strive to make use of them in their life.
Shinja, who live by the teachings, can adjust to the changes in society.


The Main Points of the Shinji for February 2018

People, who attain kaiun, are able to adjust their kokoro’s movements so that they merge with their unmei. They are also naturally able to make the best of the diverse encounters that they have. When we try to use our strengths for the benefit of others, we deepen our encounters. When we have a positive effect on others and they are grateful for our help, support, and they trust us, the need to do good for others and to live by the teachings deepen in our kokoro.
Kami has revealed many Shinji to teach us that the workings of this world revolve around the unmei-jittai. When we honestly and sincerely learn Kami’s teachings, the way we perceive things will begin to change. The more we learn, the more we become aware; and our understanding deepens, our unmei is honed, and we are able to correct our jittai. Because everything in this world revolves around the unmei-jittai, whatever it is that we lack is compensated and the goodness merges. That is when the environment stabilizes, and all existence harmonizes.
This year’s theme is to try to learn the teachings as a family and to make use of them in your family relationships. The aim is not to try and change the other person, but to actively pursue what you can do. If one person in the family tries to practice the teachings, there will always be a positive, ripple effect that spreads and the family will come together. The kokoro of each member in this kind of family will anchor; and they will become people who will guide the family, society, and those around them on the right path.