Shinji (March 2018)

March Main Shinji

Let me teach you what an era is.
Human beings believe that they create and lead history.
Herein is why society does not stabilize; and humanity is driven into an unforeseeable era.
Know how this world works and try to live each day without withering away your unmei’s strengths.
Do not neglect to learn the teachings and to live by the principles.
You will gradually make the best of all your encounters; and a society that flows smoothly is created.
This is the harmony that creates an era and is remembered in history.
But, because humanity lives relying on knowledge, effort, and experience, they create a society of false hopes where they are driven into an era of suffering and anxiety.
By knowing the power of an era’s unmei, humanity is gradually saved and protected by the power nurtured by nature.
The world that Kami guides, protects, and has given to humanity is where the powers of the unmei merge and are complementary.
Thus, a flow that goes against the workings of this world is gradually corrected and returns to how it should be (the principles).
The present era is being corrected and returned to what it should be.
Know that the principles create an era.


March 15, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

The changes in the environment create the flow and the era.
The changes in the environment merge with and completes all unmei, at times colliding to create a flow.
The changes that occur within a limited time period, beyond human strength (existence) is what creates the flow.
Yet, humanity believes it can control the times and leave behind historical truths.
It is this belief that disrupts society and deepens confusion stemming from anxiety about an unforeseeable future.
To the Shinja
Learn the teachings Kami has given you and live your days with an understanding about the changes in the world.
You will gradually begin to see the changes of an era and be able to live and move with the flow.
Anxiety and confusion of the kokoro will disappear and many strengths (unmei) will become the support of your life.
All human beings, who live according to the path of the shinja, will live a life guided by their unmei.
You will feel your life guided and protected in the hands of Kami in the twilight years ahead of you.
Do you know why Kami reveals the principles to the world?
It is to teach humanity the truth that they live through an invisible power (unmei).


March 23, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

When life is lived based on an understanding of the teachings, human beings will be able to go with the flow of the times and live days filled with many joys and happiness.
A good life (era) cannot be created through effort and experience.
The strengths of an unmei are brought out and the best is made of the many encounters in life when each day is lived with the teachings that support the kokoro (life).
This is called effort and experience.
In this age of Shinkon, humanity presently seeks principles; and it is becoming aware of the human kokoro.
Shinja are able to live by the principles and to walk the right path when they experience the teachings that are directly from Kami.
When human beings, who live the right path, come together in one environment, their awareness and understanding deepens, and they live based on the strength (unmei) of the times.
Human beings do not create or lead an era.
Within Kami’s hands, many unmei come together, complement each other and at times collide to create an environment known as an era.
Be aware of this truth and strive to become a shinja who lives supported by the principles.


The Main Points of the Shinji for March 2018

Human beings create neither history nor an era. This is true of the era that we live in now. Because humanity does not know about the invisible power of an era’s unmei and its changes, people rely on information. As a result, they are driven by their emotions.
This world revolves around the unmei-jittai. An unmei has been given to all life forms and objects on this planet from human beings, animals, the land, as well as an era. When all unmei merge or come together, a harmonious society is created.
The kokoro of all the people and the existence of the things that come into our lives are precious and should be treated as such to keep our unmei from withering away. It also allows our surrounding environment to flow smoothly. When we are in harmony with our environment, the life of each person creates a good era that becomes good history and is connected to our children and grandchildren.
When human beings come together with the unmei of an era and live with humility, they are saved and protected by the powers fostered by nature.  If we give back to the world using our unmei, this world that Kami has given to humanity merges with the unmei of other people, your company, community, and the power of nature; and there is mutual support. Presently, we live in an era that is moving in the direction of harmony in Kami’s hands. Let’s live by the principles Kami has taught us with the knowledge that many kinds of unmei are coming together and changing within the flow of time.