Shinji (December 2018)

December Main Shinji

The birth of life is in the hands of Kami—a happy, auspicious event.
For human beings, who truly understand this truth, the kokoro to make the best of all encounters grows. But, unaware of the principles, many rely on knowledge and information; and unable to make the most of their encounters, their transgressions against the path are conspicuous.
Society depends ever increasingly on knowledge without principles; and the jittai is lowered and unable to have hopes and dreams.
To the Shinja
This year, human beings, whose kokoro (life) strove constantly to live by the teachings, deepened their commitment without fail to live in gratitude to Kami, hotoke, and other people and to give back.
Gratitude to Kami will draw out the kokoro to live by the principles. From the kokoro of gratitude to hotoke, the kokoro to reciprocate to family members, relatives, friends, and acquaintances will grow. Gratitude to others will put into practice the kokoro to give back to society. Human beings, who were given life (unmei) by Kami and who truly understand the significance (worth) of living in this world during these times (finite), will deepen their gratitude for being able to live now (at this time), their life connected to Shinkon.


December 15, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

This world (society) is paradise when you live a life that merges with your unmei.
There is true progress when the best is made of the life (existence) of all people and all creation in a world of interdependence. But, because they do not turn to the principles or are unable to perceive them, they live coping from moment to moment unable to grasp the direction and flow of the times.
The flow of the world deepens in delusion and bewilderment due to the knowledge that people believe in and depend on.
To the Shinja
Are you learning the teachings Kami has given the world and making the best of them as the cornerstone of your life?
The kokoro of shinja, who are, is anchored and doubts disappear.
The teachings draw out the strengths of each shinja and give rise to encounters that deepen relations between one another.
Shinja must not forget the kokoro of gratitude for the protection given in their lives since understanding and insight is gained from the teachings.
Your gratitude to learn the teachings and make use of them together with kigan in the age of Shinkon is delivered to Kami each year in the month of Aiju.
As this gratitude deepens, the shinja’s kokoro grows in awareness every year, and a life that merges with the unmei is lived.


December 23, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

This is the month of Aiju—the month to give thanks; and having lived your life supported by the teachings, look back on your kokoro with honesty and speak your thoughts to Kami (Shinkon).
The more your conviction to live by the teachings deepen, the human kokoro anchors and doubts disappear.
The principles of life begin to be perceived, and you will be a person (presence) able to control the movement of your kokoro to go off the path.
See the truth that the kokoro is protected and guided in Kami’s hands, and the kokoro’s pledge to give back grows deeper.
To the Shinja
How is your growing gratitude and willingness to give back communicated to Kami?
When human beings perceive the existence of Kami and Kami’s power, they are able to live with a positive and honest kokoro.
Their kokoro of gratitude deepens ever more and the kokoro moves to give back to the world (society).
The coming year is in Kami’s hands; pledge to Kami (Shinkon) your commitment to live by the teachings so that the kokoro is protected and your life is guided.
This is the kokoro of gratitude to Kami (Shinkon).


The Main Points of the Shinji for December 2018

December is a time when we express our gratitude to Kami for the past year; and it is an important juncture in our life. It is gratitude that grows deeper every year—from last year to this year and to the following year. This month’s theme is to reaffirm our gratitude and connect it to the coming year so that our lives may shine ever brighter.
According to Kami, the birth of life is a precious and auspicious event that occurs under circumstances that are beyond human understanding. Human beings, who truly understand this principle, are accepting of the people, things, and all forms of existence that come into their lives; and they have the kokoro to make the best of them. When there is gratitude, we’re able to accept the events and situations that occur, and we’re able to appreciate the people and things that come into our lives. We start to respond positively to the people around us; and the kokoro to give back grows. The result is that love that is true and real is fostered in our kokoro.
Kami teaches us to appreciate our encounters with other people and things and to become someone with love in their kokoro and the willingness to give back. This is why we need to learn Kami’s teachings, so that we will hone the way we live our life and endeavor for the right reasons. When this happens, we’re able to live a way of life that reveres Kami and hotoke, a way of life that does not betray those who care and support us, a way of life that helps one another. We gain an awareness that we live in mutual support—an awareness of all the other people who are alive at the same time and destined to live in the same era. With this awareness comes the kokoro to give back ungrudgingly. This kokoro deepens our encounters with others and strengthens the way our life begins to shine.
Let’s strive in the coming year to self-reflect and to live a way of life that elevates our unmei. Learn the Shinji that Kami gives you through Tomomarukō Sensei, and together with kigan, if the principles are reflected in the way you live your life, your kokoro will grow.