Shinji (August 2018)

August Main Shinji

Know the powerlessness of human beings.
The human being, who is in the hands of Kami and protected through their unmei, live in harmony with the unmei of everything in the world. An awareness to not forget the spirit of giving back is needed to make the best of all encounters in life.
Strive to live by the teachings.
The human kokoro will never be lost to anxiety when the jittai is elevated. A society that harmonizes will return where ties to human beings and things deepen and the best is made of them. Human beings seek love that is true. This love harmonizes and has created an environment of life.
To the Shinja
Do you know why the changes in society are huge?
The power of nature exists in a world (environment) that harmonizes. Until today, humanity has believed knowledge and effort to be absolute and has lived forgetting the truth about the spiritual world.
Nature is moving on an immense scale to move a society, which has relied on knowledge without principles and is deeply in confusion, doubt, and suffering, back on the right path.
Be aware of this truth, the movement of your kokoro must not go against the path.


August 15, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Do you understand how powerless human beings are? No matter how human beings desire to create knowledge and strive to develop society, the results of human knowledge and strength disappear in vain in the face of nature’s power (ferocity).
The time has come for humanity to know about the only existence that continues eternally. Humanity is allowed to live a life without regrets and to pass away because there is the strength (existence)  of an eternal soul that is in Kami’s hands. However,  there are many (people) who do not know the truth about the spiritual world, and they suffer and are troubled in their twilight years, unable to merge with their unmei-jittai.
To the Shinja
Today, when the world merges and complements the unmei-jittai, greatly changing the flow, do not let the intensity of the changes overwhelm your kokoro; learn the teachings as a family and strive to live with the principles that support the kokoro.
The teachings will merge with the unmei-jittai of all peoples and all things, which  will lead  to a life of many joys.


August 23, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

What do you discern from the trends in society and the actions of people? They are short-lived outcomes and fruitless effort made in vain—the limitations of the finite.

To the Shinja
All the knowledge conceived and created by humanity were inspired by nature. To live life supported by the teachings Kami has given the world (society) is the shortcut to attaining a life without regrets.
Human beings are in the hands of Kami and they are allowed to live through the providence of nature. Knowledge becomes meaningful through the principles. The world is now correcting the life that goes against the path. The force of nature in Kami’s hands is being used to adjust life to the right path. If you live and learn the teachings and gain an understanding of the principles, knowledge and effort will come to life. The way the world should be is in Kami’s hands, and harmonized through the principles, the life (unmei) of all human beings and living creatures will come together and harmonize. The world today seeks the principles, will deepen its understanding and return to one of harmony.


The Main Points of the Shinji for August 2018
Knowing that there are limits to human strength, it is wiser for us to expend effort that is on target. When we are protected through our kigan and live with a kokoro that is in sync with the teachings, we will be able to harmonize with everything around us and live with the flow of the times. To make the best of each encounter and to avoid being unhappy and dissatisfied with the events and situations that occur in our lives, our kokoro should be focused on giving back.
When we try to live by the teachings, our kokoro anchors, and our doubts and insecurities disappear. Our ties to others through a variety of encounters deepen, and the harmony around us spreads. All of society at present is undergoing this transition. Many will begin to seek out people who possess both self-love and universal love that is caring of others. We, who learn the teachings from Kami, should strive to have true love in our hearts and to elevate ourselves. The first thing to do is to try to live in harmony. An era undergoes great changes just as the seasons do. What is important is to look to the spiritual world. To put the world back on the right path, the environment, which also includes the changes in nature, are in Kami’s hands and it is a moving invisible power. Know in which direction society is moving and take care that you do not go against this flow.