Shinji (November 2018)

November Main Shinji

Do you know why Kami gives the world (society) the written word through Shisha?
This world is paradise—if the life (unmei) of all living creatures that live within a finite period of time (era) come together and complement one another, everything will harmonize and evolve.
However, the reality is that many human beings, unable to grasp the power (existence) of Kami and therefore, unable to make the most of the teachings, are overcome by a kokoro of greed and end their lives having wasted away the strengths of their unmei.

To the Shinja
Learn the teachings as a family and strive to make the most of the principles within the family. The strengths of each family member’s unmei will be brought out and a family where the kokoro (soul) finds peace will be created.
Today, the world is beginning to seek out people who live by the principles and walk the right path. In families where the teachings are practiced, human beings will elevate their jittai on their own and will develop the kokoro (conviction) to give back to society.
Continue to be in touch with Shinji Kyōkai, the seat of Kami’s (Shinkon’s) power, with family members; and become the shinja, who experiences the true joy and meaning of life.


November 23, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

All human beings are given a finite life (unmei) by Kami and are born into this world (society).
Be deeply aware of this one principle and be the shinja who lives to give back.
The kokoro (life) of human beings is swept away by a life they have no control over, dependent on knowledge and repeated effort, ignorant of the workings of this world.
It is the time (era) for shinja who now know the truth—the principles—through the teachings, to give back to society using the strengths of their unmei. This conviction merges with Chokushi’s kokoro (kokoro of salvation), brings out the strengths of the unmei and deepens awareness.
The world is becoming ever more bewildered and in the search for principles, it will return to how it should be (the basics).
The shinja, who learn the teachings and deepen their understanding of the principles, are people who will unify society and guide it on the right path. They are people who will give back to the world (society) using the strengths of their unmei and guide it on the right path. This is the kokoro of human beings that merge with Chokushi’s kokoro (kokoro of salvation).


The Main Points of the Shinji for November 2018
Kami asks us, “Do you know why Kami gives the world (society) the written word through Shisha?”
Kami gives us the written word to help us gain happiness and prosperity.
Paradise is felt when all existence come together, augment each other, and harmonize. For example, paradise, a sense of well-being, is felt when conversations between husband, wife, and children within a family are enjoyable, when the individual abilities of each person at the workplace are made the best of and there is mutual support among coworkers—in other words, it is to live in a world where everyone’s strengths come together. But, the reality is, as Kami has pointed out, that many are unable to perceive Kami’s existence and as a result, they are unable to make use of the teachings. Subsequently, many are ruled by their greed and despite having been given strengths to be useful in this world, those strengths are wasted away.
To share the teachings with family members, you must first learn the teachings and strive to have the right relationships with each member. As the teachings become a part of you, you will begin to act like what a husband, a wife, a parent, or a child should be, and the family will gradually harmonize. The strengths of each family member will be drawn out; and a family will be created where the soul finds peace and security.
Today, the injustices and deceit throughout the world are being corrected. Society is in Kami’s hands, and the flow is changing as humanity is gradually being forced to become aware of this change through diverse phenomena. When Kami’s teachings are learned, you will begin to see how you should be as a human being, your ability to make the right decisions will grow, and your jittai will be elevated. In this church, where the mitama (spirit) of Kami and Shinkon are housed, make it a place where your family visits regularly; and live a life of meaning and purpose.