Shinji (June 2018)

June Main Shinji

Do you know why Kami reveals the principles to the world through Shisha?
This world revolves around the power of the unmei.
All things are created and die within a finite period of time guided by their unmei.
But unable to realize this truth about the world, much of humanity lives believing that knowledge is absolute.
This is why endeavor does not bear fruit, humanity increasingly lowers its jittai, and the movement to go off the path deepens.
To the Shinja
Know the truth about this world; now is the time to learn the teachings and to make the effort not to wither away your unmei.
Gain an understanding about the principles; the more shinja are able to make the best of them in life, the more the kokoro shines brightly, and a time of many hopes and dreams will come to pass.
Why do emotions become depressed?
Because unable to perceive the principles, life is lived relying on knowledge without principles; encounters with others do not deepen, compassion and warm and caring words are forgotten.
The teachings guide the kokoro (life) of the shinja to one of many joys and a happy existence.
The human kokoro that merges with its unmei will shine brightly, have many hopes, and it will guide the life of others to the principles.


June 15, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Be aware that it is your unmei which has the power to lead your life to a future filled with meaning, purpose, and many joys.
All knowledge that inundates society is on average simply generalized criteria.
It changes and transforms within the flow of time (an era).
The principles taught by Kami through Shisha are timeless and are wisdom that lives on in the kokoro of all people.
Why do human beings deepen their doubts, anguish and suffering in life?
Doubts are created by the kokoro that believes knowledge without principles is absolute.
The more you live your life learning knowledge and dependence on effort, there will be suffering in your encounters, and doubts will grow in your life.
To the Shinja
Gain understanding through the teachings and strive to look closely at society based on the principles.
The doubts in your kokoro will gradually disappear, and you will perceive what should be right and wrong in society.
The teachings are what will make the human kokoro aware of the principle about “the path.”
The kokoro (life) of all human beings, who live supported by the principles, will be guided by the strength of their unmei to lead lives filled with meaning, purpose and many joys.
This is the kokoro of human beings that shines brightly and has dreams.


June 23, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

All human beings, who have objectives in their lives and live with a strong kokoro (will), perceive the principle about life.
When there is awareness about what it means to live and the value of living with the right kokoro, understanding is gained about the principle of life.
All human beings are in the hands of Kami; they are born with the strength (unmei) to guide the world on the right path.
This is the meaning of what it is to live.
To walk the right path in life, Kami has given society the teachings and has shown human beings the right way to live.
To the Shinja
Do you live each day positively and with dreams?
There is nothing difficult about this.
Learn the teachings and strive constantly to make use of them with your kokoro.
Your kokoro will gradually anchor and the desire to go against what is right will disappear.
The principles give the human kokoro deep understanding, and each person will begin to lead a life guided by their unmei.
In a society where the strengths of the unmei come together and complement each other, the kokoro of the people are in harmony and conflicts do not occur.
Now is the time for shinja to live by the teachings having perceived what is missing in these times.
Endeavor to be the human being who will guide society to an environment of hopes and dreams.
This is the value of living with the right kokoro.


The Main Points of the Shinji for June 2018
The age of Daishin and Chokushi have come and gone; and presently, with the support of Shinkon, Tomomarukō Sensei receives numerous Shinji and teaches us the meaning and significance of these deep principles. It is our responsibility to grasp the worth of these principles and teachings that help us access Kibō no Michi. Kami once again emphasizes that the axis this world revolves on is the unmei. Each of us has an unmei to be useful; and when we understand the truth about how this world works, we are able to value ourselves and others.
All creation lies within a flow led by the unmei. People, who are unaware of this principle and don’t know the reality that the world revolves around the unmei-jittai, believe that knowledge is absolute and live a way of life that lowers their jittai. Now is the time to seriously learn the teachings, to practice them and to strive not to waste your unmei. This cumulative effort will elevate the way you live, and your life will be filled with hopes and dreams.
When we don’t know the teachings and forget our humility, knowledge and information takes precedence and we tend to be biased in the way we see people and situations. People should live in mutual support—this is a principle. When the unmei of different people come together, self-love becomes universal love and spreads; our life begins to have meaning and purpose, and our days will be filled with many joys. This kind of person shines in the eyes of those around them. They are trusted, respected, and many are drawn to them.