Shinji (October 2018)

October Main Shinji

Knowing how this world works, do you see how blessed you are when you are able to say the name of the Kami who is the giver and  protector of the unmei? Kaiun can be attained in this era because of Tomomarusai’s kokoro of salvation as he lived his life as Shisha fulfilling what Kami wanted. 
The shinja, who understands this truth, has perceived the worth of the Shinji. Their conviction to live by the teachings is deep and their jittai will be greatly elevated.

To the Shinja
Why do human beings go off the path overcome by their greed?
Why do human beings lose themselves to their egoism and are unable to give back to the world?
Tomomarusai, having gained a deep understanding of the principles, asked the world (society) these questions from the depths of his kokoro of salvation.
Today, when Kami (Shinkon) gives the world (society) the principles through Tomomarukō,  this is the time (era) when  shinja should remember Tomomarusai with reverence and strive to become the person who lives by the teachings. This belief (conviction) is what draws you closer to the life of Tomomarusai and strengthens the conviction that merges. Human beings have an example they can strive toward, and can strengthen their kokoro ever more strongly to walk the right path.


October 15, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

There is a basic form for all existence—it is the same for human beings.
Half of Tomomarusai’s life existed to build an environment suitable for Kami (Shinkon). Tomomarusai’s kokoro throughout his life held a belief in country and in salvation that loved people.
He was taught directly by Kami; and the environment to build Shinji Kyōkai as it should be, began in an era when his kokoro of salvation began to bloom.

To the Shinja
The history of Shinji Kyōkai was about building an environment that would foster people who will achieve kaiun. Know this truth.
By knowing this history, the kokoro of the shinja will draw ever closer to the life and kokoro (will) of Tomomarusai.
When human beings are given an example of how to live, they begin to see the human kokoro as it truly should be. People, who have gained an understanding about the principles of the path, will love their country and become human beings who live to give back.
This is what is missing in society today. It is the basis of the kokoro (conviction) to live and abide by the path.
Abide by the path and the light (path) will flow.
Be the shinja who lives by the principles knowing how the human kokoro should be.
This is the kokoro that will gain the protection of Daishin.


October 23, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Do you know what (the truth) Kami (Daishin) seeks of the shinja and the peoples of this world even now? Why is all life finite? The more the answer is sought, the more the kokoro of Daishin is gradually perceived.
When all peoples and all creation are led by their unmei, this world (society) is paradise. All life will come together, complement each other; and life will rotate without strain or waste. Because life is finite, each life is precious; and human beings, who live with gratitude and the will to give back, are fostered. Everything of this world is in Kami’s hands; all unmei-jittai come together and at times collide, and the rapport to live and give back deepens. This is the society that evolves and grows.
Tomomarusai was taught directly by Kami; and he came to know the truth about this world and deepened his enlightenment. Today, he is Daishin and the kokoro he seeks of the shinja and the peoples of this world is understanding. It is an insight that knows the truth about society through the teachings; it is to learn, to become aware, and to strive to become the human being who will guide society on the right path. This spiritual awakening is what will make the shinja and the peoples of this world live to give back and to make the most of their life.


The Main Points of the Shinji for October 2018
Knowing how this world works, do you have that sense of happiness that comes from kigan and the kokoro to control yourself?
It first began with an era when the foundation of the church was built by Tomomarusai Sensei who walked the path of Shisha. It was followed by the era of Kibō no Michi opened by Tomomaruhime Sensei. Today, we live in an era where kaiun is attained.
The word of Kami or the Shinji, is given by a Kami, who truly exists, to guide human beings to happiness and prosperity. The shinja, who know the worth of the Shinji and have the strong conviction to live by the teachings, become generous in how they feel and perceive people and the surrounding environment; and they live happy lives.
Why are human beings prone to be overwhelmed by their greed and live a way of life that goes off the path? Why do they think of themselves first and don’t try to have the right ties with others? Tomomarusai Sensei asked Kami each of these questions. Then, he went out among us to teach Kami, Hotoke, Hito no Michi. Today, Tomomarukō Sensei receives countless Shinji that guide us to Kibō no Michi. Thus, we should strive all the more to live by the teachings because kaiun is attainable now.
Tomomarusai Sensei was a wonderful human being who gave us the opportunity to meet Kami. He continues to provide us with a shining example of how to find answers from the Shinji to the many questions we have in our lives. Try to stay constantly in touch with the Shinji and strive to live with a pure kokoro that is considerate of others.