Shinji (September 2018)

September Main Shinji

To attain a life without regrets, human beings must live with the kokoro to give back. But, because they are unable to grasp the principles, they go off the path and suffer, unable to make the best of their encounters with other people.

To the Shinja
Are you conscious of a kokoro (life) that connects with Kibō no Michi? Learning the teachings and making the effort to practice them in life is important.
Do you have the kokoro to rely on the strengths of your unmei? Although the kokoro of mutual cooperation is important, the kokoro (conviction) to give back to the world (society) with the strengths of your unmei is what protects your life.
Dōshin, shindō—both lead to the kokoro of etoku.
Do you understand why Kami teaches the principles to society through Shisha?
No matter how much human beings strive, learn from and analyze the past (history) repeatedly, they cannot see the future. No two human beings have the same unmei; it is the same for the unmei of an era. When humanity learns the teachings and understands the principles, it is able to make the best of history and experience. The more knowledge is intently reflected on through the principles, humanity will begin to see the way the world should be. Character and integrity are supported by the principles and become the wisdom that protects life.


September 15, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

People (human beings) who are able to interpret the principles from the teachings will live a life filled with meaning and purpose.
They are able to have a kokoro that makes the best of encounters and draws out the strengths of the unmei from people and things. Simultaneously, they are able to give back to allow the other party (person) to shine using the strengths of their unmei.
Combined with the kokoro of dōshin, shindō, human beings will live a life guided by their unmei.
This kind of person (human being) is called virtuous in society. But, unable to understand the principle of etoku, there are so few people (human beings) who show this in their behavior today. This is why society is unable to harmonize and is lost in uncertainty.

To the Shinja
In this day in age when you are able to learn the teachings, the commitment to learn the principles and live by the teachings is important. The teachings will anchor your kokoro and guide you to become the person (existence) that will make the best of your encounters with people and things.
Strive to be the person who family members and relatives can depend on and seek out.
The more human beings live by the teachings, encounters with people and things deepen and they are connected by love, trust, and expectation; this is the human being who experiences meaning and purpose.


The Main Points of the Shinji for September 2018
To attain a life without regrets, we must use the unmei Kami gave us, bring out all our strengths to benefit society, and make full use of them with meaning and purpose. It is important to live with the kokoro to give back to achieve this. Many people in this world believe that knowledge is absolute; and because they are unable to perceive the principles, their interactions with others do not go well, they go off the path, and they suffer.
To connect with Kibō no Michi, we must live and abide by the path. Thus, we must not only learn the teachings, but strive to make use of them in our daily lives, in order to abide by Kami, Hotoke, Hito no Michi.
The unmei that Kami has given each of us is a good unmei. If we are able to make use of its strengths, we are able to contribute to society while experiencing meaning and purpose. The strengths of your unmei should not be used for your own personal happiness, but to bring out the goodness in others and make the best of them. This is what is known as etoku.
The reason why Kami gives us the Shinji is because Kami wants all of us, who have been gifted with life in this world, to experience a life without regrets. Human beings do not have the power to save others; and although we have the ability to learn from the past, there is no guarantee that this knowledge will be applied to the future. No two human beings are alike. There is only one of you in this world. The same can be said about an era and the natural environment—no two are the same. If we learn the teachings taught by Kami and make them a part of our lives, we will be able to make the best of past history and experience.
When we re-examine the overabundance of knowledge in this world through the principles, we will be able to accurately judge what is right and what is wrong. When you use your strengths, your goodness, and practice the teachings, they will return to you as a way of life and wisdom that protects your life.