Shinji (May 2018)

May Main Shinji

The unmei has the power to lead society.
Unable to perceive the truth that society is led and controlled by the power of the unmei, human beings depend on knowledge and effort and believe they can control society.
This is why society is lost in insecurity and suffering deepens.
Today, suffering and troubles are what increase tensions in society; and injustice is allowed.
Unable to perceive the future and without truths to rely on, a society submerged in darkness spreads.
To the Shinja
Learn the teachings that Kami has given to the world through Shisha and let them support your kokoro (life).
The movement of your kokoro will anchor and insecure thoughts will not occur.
Your unmei will adapt to the changes in society and your unmei will give your life hope.
Filled with the desire to live, encounters with other human beings deepen, and you will live in a bright and happy society.
Since you live in the here and now and know the truths and principles that will greatly separate society, be the shinja who lives by the teachings.
The teachings will guide and illuminate the kokoro (life) of the shinja.  


May 15, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Be the shinja who live each day knowing the truth about the kokoro (unmei-jittai) that guides your life.
Why do people, who learn the teachings and live by the principles, live with a positive and calm kokoro?
People in society depend on knowledge and live fiercely by their effort alone.
People, whose desires do not come to fruition, bear grudges and hate society, thus lowering the quality of their life.
To the Shinja
Through Shisha, Kami has given society principles about the true human kokoro.
Principles are exceedingly rare in the environment of societies built by human beings.
Avarice is what blinds you from seeing the true human kokoro.
The kokoro is moved to push the jittai off the right path; and life falls into darkness.
But for human beings whose kokoro (life) is supported by the teachings, the kokoro will always be guided by their unmei; they will learn from and be supported by many people, and go on to live a life with hope and aspirations.
The teachings will show the kokoro the path to the way life should be.
What is left is to feel the existence and your connection to Kami and kigan; live your life and entrust your thoughts and hopes with Kami.
A positive life filled with many joys awaits you.


May 23, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Can you see the difference between those who live an enjoyable life filled with many joys and those who are lost and suffering unable to make the best of their encounters?
The unmei and the jittai merge in this world and create the flow of the times.
Knowing this truth, if you live your life by the principles, you will gradually begin to see the flow of society.
Human beings, who perceive this flow, live with a sincere kokoro.
With each and every encounter, the unmei come together, complement each other, to become rapport.
Because life is lived in harmony with the environment, all gradually begin to live by the principles.
To the Shinja
Learn the teachings as a family, make the effort to practice them together.
Live by the teachings and let your kokoro (life) be the ideal for your family.
The kokoro (unmei) of your family members will begin to come together and the jittai will elevate.
This is the family where human beings, who live a life of happiness and many joys, are nurtured.
Know that the difference between a life lived in darkness or light in society begins with the family.
The teachings lead to many encounters that give life meaning and purpose, which harmonize society.


The Main Points of the Shinji for May 2018
Unmei is the power or strengths that all life has. Thus, it’s important to make full use of the strengths and abilities in the family, at the workplace and in relations between companies. However, modern society believes that knowledge and effort are what moves society, ignorant of the fact that the power of the unmei is what leads and controls society. As a result, there is a strong tendency for confusion to grow and troubles to deepen. The differing thoughts of people raise tensions in society and injustice is allowed to exist.
The Shinji that Kami provides are precious in a society submerged in darkness and where the future is obscure. A family that lives in harmony is the foundation to a happy life. This foundation is what protects the health of the mind and body, allows us to be useful in society, and to live each day with meaning and purpose. Kami’s teachings should be what supports your kokoro at all times. When Kami’s teachings become the basis of your judgment, the movement of your kokoro will anchor. When you use your strengths to help and be useful to others, the desire surfaces to do whatever you can to give back; and you will never be without dreams and aspirations. When you live positively and are filled with hope, your encounters with other people deepen, and a bright and happy society is created around you.
Knowing that society today is divided between light and darkness, you need to make the decision to live your life rooted in the teachings. The ability to separate the light and darkness in your life is what it means to live by the teachings.