Shinji (January 2018)

January Main Shinji

All living creatures, having been given life in Kami’s hands, are allowed to live within the flow of time.
What humanity can do is limited.
There are limitations to effort.
An era is created as a transition when finite lives merge and deepen their connection.
Each reality of the past creates the flow as truth of having lived in an era.
Humanity calls this flow history.

To the Shinja
Live with the teachings Kami has given to the world through Shisha.
Humanity cannot create an era.
Effort is needed to know the truth created by the power of unmei, to sense the changes, to live and adapt to the flow.
Herein lies the significance of learning the teachings and living by the principles.
Humanity has increasingly begun to realize through history the limitations to knowledge without principles.
Live by the teachings, accept the changes of an era, and it can become the strength “to live.”
The kokoro of human beings, who live and adapt to the flow of the times, shines.


January 15, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

Do you know why human beings are ruled by their emotions, unable to control them?
There is an invisible force (jittai) that is connected to the life of each human being.
The shinja, who are aware of this truth (principle), live their life supported by the teachings.
The more the principles of life are known, the more human beings are willing to accept the changes in the environment, and harmonize their life on their own.
This the right way (kokoro) to strive.
The shinja, who live their life knowing the changes and flow of the times, are guided by the strength of their unmei.
Each encounter (experience) becomes meaningful and returns as a strength (friend) that refines life.
Do not fail to learn the principles and strive repeatedly to live by the teachings.
Your emotions will remain calm and your kokoro filled with gratitude.
You will be one with your natural strength (unmei) and it will show you the direction you should take.
The kokoro of human beings stabilize the more the jittai is modified, and they are able to live in sync with the flow of the times.
This is the life of the human being who attains kaiun.


January 23, 2018
Kyōshu Tantō Shinja Kokoronomichi Benkyōkai

The more you live by the teachings, the more your encounters become meaningful and you will live a life of aspirations.
Human beings, who live by knowledge, are unable to perceive the true substance of all things, their kokoro falling into doubt and confusion.
Look at the state of your kokoro.
Is your kokoro relaxed and at ease?
The teachings bring out dreams in the human kokoro; and the empathy to live together and the kokoro to give back blossoms.
The willingness to accept and adapt to the changes in the environment will grow.
This is when many people will rise up to guide society on the right path.
This is the time (era) to live by the teachings to support in your kokoro (life) because the power (unmei) of nature is now moving to return the environment to one of harmony.
Human beings are able to accept the changes in nature and live with a positive and strong kokoro when they live in an environment that merges and augments the strengths of their unmei.
 The effort to learn the teachings as a family and make use of them as a family is important to prevent the kokoro from straying off the path and drowning in avarice.
Live by the teachings, and the kokoro (life) of the shinja in Kami’s hands will be protected, saved, and guided.


The Main Points of the Shinji for January 2018

All life in this world is in the hands of Kami; and all life has been given an unmei that is allowed to live within the flow of an era. Humanity’s strengths are limited; and we must live with humility rooted in the realization that there are limitations to our efforts. An era is a transition that is created when all life, including human beings, come together. Therefore, learn the principles within this era.
Know the worth of the Shinji Kami has revealed to us through Shisha and use them as the pillar of support in your life. Sense the changes of the times and live by adapting to the flow—this is the kind of effort human beings can do. When we learn Kami’s teachings, we begin to understand the way we should live as human beings. This does not mean to live freely without restrictions, it is about the importance of having a positive effect on others.
There are many people with diverse views and opinions in our society today, but these views and opinions do not lead to fundamental solutions; and many of us are left confused and anxious. As a result, we are beginning to realize the limitations to knowledge. When we live by Kami’s teachings, we begin to perceive the direction of the changes taking place; we are able to adapt to the reality that we face and to overcome whatever it is that confronts us. Those of us, who are able to adapt to the flow of the times, perceive what it is that’s important; we are emotionally relaxed, and our thinking is in sync with the basic teachings of Kami. That is why our life shines brightly.